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My Interview with Give Him 5 Founder (and amazing human being):  Michelle Gelineau

 Give Him 5 is about encouraging you in your relationship with Jesus Christ and supporting you in your faith. We want you to KNOW Jesus Christ and to feel His great love. We want you to walk closely with Him as your friend and Savior. Life is too difficult to live it without Jesus. God created us to be close to Him. That is the goal! A relationship with Jesus Christ will change your life. Start with 5 minutes and you will never be the same.

A Sample of the Goodness that is Michelle Gelineau and Give Him 5.  Sample Post from Facebook:  Good Morning! You have been prayed for. Life is hard. Let’s pray for each other. Have a fantastic day and be sure to take some time and spend it with the Lord. If you are feeling stuck in your prayer time, you can try using one of these free audio recordings. There are five to choose from and they will lead you through your prayer time. Bless you. 

Journals, Give Him 5 Kits, Prayer, and So Much More

My December 2015, interview with Michelle Gelineau.  Take a listen, YOU will not be disappointed.  #GoodSoul #GreatAdvice #JesusLovesYou
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God is not Fair ... Daniel Horan NEW Franciscan Media

"Franciscan friar and retreat leader, Dan Horan shines a new light on Christian dilemmas." Each chapter begins by drawing the reader to a scripture verse.  I was drawn to the one called, "The Prophetic Burden."  The idea of being called by God out of our comfort zone to share the Good News. Whether I am doing so online, on air or in person, there is always a part of me that wants to bolt for the door.  Like Jeremiah, featured in this chapter, I am forever feeling inadequate -  you MUST have the wrong person God. For Nothing is impossible for God - it is His Grace.   Do you find yourself scratching your head at God? This book is for you...

A Seeking Heart Episode:  Meeting God in the Upper Room

The walk with the Lord is a continued encounter with Him in the power of Holy Spirit. In Meeting God in the Upper Room, Monsignor Vaghi captures the various integral ways in which we continue in our day to meet the Risen Lord—in the sacraments; in our prayer lives; in our profession of Easter faith; in our works of charity and service; in our devotion to Mary, Mother of the Church and our Mother; in the experience of the gifts of the Holy Spirit; in the call to evangelize and our efforts to evangelize in our own day—in our homes,

Two Other recommendations from Franciscan Media:

Fr Nouwen was so inspirational and His Words reflected that -- this is a MUST READ for any one seeking Holiness!
Fatima 100 Anniversary new book by Donna Marie Cooper O'Boyle Franciscan Media
DISCLAIMER: Some of these books were sent by Franciscan Media for consideration for inclusion on A Seeking Heart, and a fair and honest review.
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Podcast Interview Author Pat Gohn All In Why Belonging to the Catholic Church Matters (Ave Maria Press)
Podcast Interview Author Pat Gohn All In Why Belonging to the Catholic Church Matters (Ave Maria Press)
  • A book for those who might consider themselves, "wobbly in my faith"
  • Pat called All in her "9 chapter novena"
  • Church scandals and their effect on the faithful
  • Being the Beloved on Christ - and the never gonna divorce the Church lesson
  • The 'Mud Splashed Bride" Syndrome
  • Jesus - Human and Divine and why important we LOOK AT both
  • Confidence in the Church - How to Overcome this Obstacle
  • The Power of Baptism  (Adoption vs Birth into a family -- hint: No Different!)
Visit PatGohn.com for more on All In: Why Belonging to the Catholic Church Matters (Ave Maria Press); Among Woman Podcast and Catechist Magazine!
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A Seeking Heart - Featuring: Cristina Trinidad - 4/7/17

On Today's Show - Cristina Trindad

For More with Cristina Trinidad: 

Cristina and I also gushed about Stephanie Landsem's Book:

Brilliantly written! it will whisk you to biblical times and leave you sad when you have to put it down or finish it!! Stephanie Landsem's The Well
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Catholic Bloggers visit A Seeking Heart in March
For 2017, A Seeking Heart underwent a few programming changes.  While we still explore lots of good Catholic Spiritual Reading - I also wanted to introduce some of my favorite Catholic Bloggers.  It is such a joy to hear their voices after reading their inspiring words for so long! This month also included a farewell to friend and past A Seeking Heart Show Producer - Jennifer Longworth.

Here are some of our guests from March:

Kirby Hoberg: Under Thy Roof

Amy Brooks: Prayer Wine Chocolate

Lydia Borja: Flourish in Hope

<![CDATA[Fire of Love - Cassandra Poppe]]>Sun, 19 Feb 2017 05:19:48 GMThttp://reconciledtoyou.com/a-seeking-heart-podcast-blog/fire-of-love-cassandra-poppe
New Book by Cassandra Poppe - Fire of Love. Cassandra's 4 year old son, Fulton was severally burned in a homestead accident. On this episode of #ASeekingHeart she shares the trials and the blessings

My Guest - Blogger (Let Us Kneel) & Contributor to The Catholic Mom's Prayer Companion:  Cassandra Poppe

What Cassandra Poppe and her family developed to help Fulton re-integrate after being severely burned in a homestead accident ... the birth of 'burn cards' ... and how you can help:

"That day finally came but brought with it new challenges; the biggest being that of socially reintegrating Fulton into society in a way that both gave him confidence and made him feel less of an oddity. And indeed, this was a challenge. For while Fulton’s face, ravaged by fire and covered in skin grafts, was still beautiful to those who love him, most people who encountered him at the store, restaurants and playground simply saw his scars. The patches of baldness on his head. His missing ears. We were partially prepared for the stares and the comments that came his way. “I was burned,” was something Fulton said several times a day when we went out into public, but we noticed that so much was left unsaid. Parents of curious children would whisk their children away, embarrassed by their children’s reactions and frequently express this embarrassment by being overly harsh with them. We felt bad for Fulton, still too young to understand why people seemed to avoid him, or why children seemed to get into trouble just for asking questions. We felt bad for the children, who in most cases meant no harm but were simply naturally curious about another child who looked drastically different from themselves. And we also felt bad for the parents, who had no idea they were to be suddenly faced with having to deal with the unpredictable behavior of their own children. It was always so awkward, and we soon dreaded leaving the house. Then one day, after a particularly painful encounter, Fulton tearfully asked why a certain boy treated him cruelly. “They just don’t know what happened to me,” he lamented. And from that moment, the idea of Fulton’s burn cards was born." ...learn more by clicking the image below!

Cassandra Poppe and her family created these amazing cards to help her son, Fulton, socially reassimiliate after being severely burned. What an incredible way to turn tragedy into mission!
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<![CDATA[Monica McConkey - Arma Dei: Equipping Catholic Families]]>Thu, 16 Feb 2017 19:52:27 GMThttp://reconciledtoyou.com/a-seeking-heart-podcast-blog/monica-mcconkey-arma-dei-equipping-catholic-families
Monica McConkey - ArmaDei.com visits A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras
Monica McConkey's best selling book - that Pope St John Paul II just HAPPENED to be presented and gave her a very special message concerning!

All the way from Canada ....

What a Wonderful Interview with Monica McConkey

Links from our chat to explore:

http://equippingcatholicfamilies.com/ - her blog
www.ArmaDei.com - and fabulous Shoppe
WHAT an ABSOLUTELY amazing story about Pope St. John Paul II:
Monica and her Hubby's Catholic Love Story:
A Treasure Chest of Traditions for Catholic Families (Book) - that just happened to be seen and endorsed by Pope St. John Paul II (no biggie! lol):
Hand in Hand with Jesus Faith Journal
Super Saints (Game Cards)
Super Saints Launch Video:
Super Saints How to Play (super quick video)

Check out this super cool NEW Product Line:

Journal Stamps...that will change the way you pray and journal
and Saints Stamps: invite the saints into your calendar or planner!

All Rights Reserved, Allison Gingras 2017
Images and Links courtesy Monica McConkey, All Rights Reserved 2017
<![CDATA[Sarah Reinhard - Look at #Fearless by Sonja Corbitt]]>Thu, 16 Feb 2017 19:13:59 GMThttp://reconciledtoyou.com/a-seeking-heart-podcast-blog/sarah-reinhard-look-at-fearless-by-sonja-corbitt
Guest SnoringScholar.com blogger Sarah Reinhard and I chat about Sonja Corbitt's new book Fearless
My Guest: Sarah Reinhard
Listen to Sarah Reinhard and I discuss Fearless: Conquer Your Demons and LIVE with Abandon by Sonja Corbitt

Since Sarah Reinhard and I were both deeply moved by Sonja Corbitt's new book - FEARLESS (Ave Maria Press), we choose it as our topic for February's visit to A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras

Some (of the many) Highlights:

  • Sonja Corbitt's Website:   Bible Study Evangelista
  • What does it mean to say "Resist the devil and he will flee from you?"  James 4:7
  • 1 Cor 10:13 the Great Escape Clause
  • Distractions - Fearless Resistance
  • The ARMOR of God ... as illustrated by sweet Betty's Brochure

For More about this Fabulous book - My Interview with the Author:

<![CDATA[Finding God's Peace - Heidi Bratton]]>Wed, 16 Nov 2016 04:50:14 GMThttp://reconciledtoyou.com/a-seeking-heart-podcast-blog/finding-gods-peace-heidi-bratton

Finding God's Peace - Discussion Day 1

Discussion - Day 2

Interview with Heidi Bratton

For more about Heidi Bratton and her amazing books - visit:  HeidiBratton.com
Information for the Retreat Heidi spoke of on the Show:

The Retreat will be held at the Betania II Retreat Center in Medway, MA.
It will begin on Friday night February 17 and end Sunday afternoon February 19.

The theme is "Pour Love In"  and is a paraphrasing of a quote of St. John of the Cross that basically says, "Pour love in where you find none and you will draw love out". 

Heidi will speak on Friday night on how you can apply that truth to life's messy situations especially those involving family life.   On Saturday, the main speaker will be Fr. André Patenaude, M.S (AKA Fr. Pat the singing priest) from the La Salette Shrine in Attleboro, MA.  **As an aside -- I was blessed to attend Mass with Fr. Pat on the evening of my interview with Heidi.  Godcidence, right! The Mass was incredible -not that receiving Jesus isn't always enough but we were all enamored by Fr. Pat's gentle, warm and inviting presence.  This retreat will be an amazing experience - I am trying to figure out how to get myself free to attend!! 

There will be opportunity for Mass, Confession, Adoration, praise and worship etc.

The ​ Little Daughter's of the Sacred Heart ​(LDSH​)  is a lay organization that seeks to encourage women 
​to ​draw closer to Jesus's Sacred Heart through following the Little Way of St. Therese.  We emphasize every woman's motherly vocation, the call, whether married or single, to bring souls into the kingdom of God.    For more information email me at scr.hrt4me@gmail.com
<![CDATA[The Courage to Overcome Anxiety & Fear]]>Thu, 20 Oct 2016 18:10:00 GMThttp://reconciledtoyou.com/a-seeking-heart-podcast-blog/the-courage-to-overcome-anxiety-fear

Discussions on the very real battle between believing in what you hope for; and the doubt in what is not seen!

Inspired by Sonja Corbitt's book: FEARLESS: A Catholic Women's Guide to Spiritual Warfare (Ave Maria Press)

  • "The enemy's abiding desire is to seek out our points of weakness and exploit them."
  • Mine are: anxiety, fear of the future, over-concern for my health, and doubt 
  • Spiritual Combat is real ... the devil is real.  We don't need to be scared; but if we are not aware of our enemy and his tactics - he will prevail. 
  • Scripture is a POWERFUL tool - it is how we hear God's voice and put on the armor of God!
  • Anxiety is real - and how it can overtake our life; even more real. BUT there is HOPE!
  • More on recognizing the enemy - especially how he manifests in our own life
  • Just as we revisit pictures to refresh our memory of the faces of those we love;  we must revisit scripture often to keep it crystal clear in our minds. 
  • Angels of God - a fabulous book and riveting interview with Mike Aguilina
  • Reflecting on Scripture - word by word:  Sonja offers an amazing way to engage with the word of God that I guarantee with transform your prayer and reflection time with the Bible!!

​All Rights Reserved, Allison Gingras 2016