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A Healthier Me With Goals I Can Achieve

A Healthier Me With Goals I Can Achieve

Allison Gingras discovered the best motivation for a healthy lifestyle — past successes, setting reasonable goals, and managing expectations. In most areas of my life, I tend to gravitate toward the path of least resistance. After years of participating in women's...

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#WorthRevisit Seeking Peace Makes the News

#WorthRevisit Seeking Peace Makes the News

  New Book Getting Amazing Attention https://www.youtube.com/embed/8VXMwxmqLj0 Seeking Peace: A Spiritual Journey from Worry to Trust  (Stay Connected Journals for Catholic Women #5) If you consider yourself a master worrier, or if you come from a long...

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Catholic Mom Small Success!!

How was your week? How’s your prayer life? What about your summer plans? Please consider sharing by tagging @CatholicMomCommunity and using the hashtag: #CMSmallSuccess 

Here are my answers to the above questions...

1- Finally went to the salon. Embracing my grey hair with a little whimsy (aka hints of lavender). #nofilter

2- Sat early in the morning with my Bible and God AWED me! Scripture truly is the living Word of God!! If you need to hear from God, I highly recommend some time in the Bible!

3- Faithy is on her first Summer break - she goes back for the month of July #DeafSchoolSchedule ...the success was seeing one of our young adults in Mass on Sunday, who is studying ASL, and was free to come spend some time with Faithy so I can put in some guiltless work time! Working Moms, you get the pure joy of this, right? lol! 

Your turn!  How do you answer the three questions above?

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Do you inadvertently set up mini shrines on your computer shelf? Maybe it's just me #CatholicDevotions #sacramentals #SaintPosse #favoritethings #prayercards ...

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Catholic Mom Small Success!!

I love my Catholic Mom Community!! And I know they LOVE hearing from moms and sharing their small (yet sweet) successes. Hope you'll join in this week's sharing....tag @CatholicMomCommunity and using the hashtag: #CMSmallSuccess 

1- Heatwave broke without a thunderstorm!! My house was struck by lightning when I was 9. Although all (thankfully) was well, my already significant fear grew kinda monumental. Now that I trust in Jesus these days, I am less frightened but still relieved when the promised storms don’t come to pass. Now that I think of it …THAT is honestly my sentiment but all the storms in my life that never materialize! #thanksJesus 

2- Filled an entire notebook with thoughts for my new book. #AveAuthor I am learning so much about sacramentals but mostly enjoying the revelations of how the Spirit has led them to be used in the everyday growing of my faith! 

3- Spent some time with my mom.

So, how was your week? Let’s celebrate the little things together!

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need prayer?

need prayer?

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