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4 Practical Ways to Stay Connected to Jesus

4 Practical Ways to Stay Connected to Jesus

1. Build a Daily Practice of Prayer (even if it means praying in the bathroom) Prayer is simply a conversation with Jesus. Of course, formal times of prayer are spiritually beneficial; however, daily life can sometimes make them impossible. While a simple chat with...

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My Plan for Entering Heaven

My Plan for Entering Heaven

I am a planner. I love a good plan. My spiritual well-being deserves the best strategy, especially the final perseverance of my soul. So, here's my idea, I want a squad of saints meeting me at the pearly gates. In addition to the "big guns," which I refer to as my...

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need prayer?

need prayer?

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Let me read to you!

My favorite lines from the introduction of Encountering Signs of Faith — including my testimony of Adoption and why writing this book meant so much to me!

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Each Stay Connected Journal for Catholic Women explores a different path to spiritual growth in short, easy-to-complete chapters—perfect for busy, on-the-go individuals or small faith-sharing groups!