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The Gift of Invitation: 7 Ways Jesus Invites You to a Life of Grace

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Each Stay Connected Journal for Catholic Women explores a different path to spiritual growth in short, easy-to-complete chapters—perfect for busy, on-the-go individuals or small faith-sharing groups!

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Jesus and the Lessons of Eczema

Click here for daily readings While thankfully not a leprosy sufferer, I have dealt with eczema for many years, including a severe bout on my hands that left them virtually unusable. At their worst, swollen with horrendous peeling, I kept them hidden out of...

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A Healthier Me With Goals I Can Achieve

A Healthier Me With Goals I Can Achieve

Allison Gingras discovered the best motivation for a healthy lifestyle — past successes, setting reasonable goals, and managing expectations. In most areas of my life, I tend to gravitate toward the path of least resistance. After years of participating in women's...

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Every cup I own is either bedecked with butterflies 🦋 or squirrels 🐿 lol #howiroll

How about you? Do you have a common motif on your drink ware? #gettingtoknowyou

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Joining again with Catholic Mom Small Success Thursday

Looking back is a beautiful way to stay encouraged for the days ahead!! What 3 things would you most like to remember from this past week?  Please consider sharing by tagging @CatholicMomCommunity and using the hashtag: #CMSmallSuccess

1- Took Sunday OFF to embrace the day of rest God so generously built into the week for us!

2- Organized Books. IT Is sort of like herding cats for me but I managed to cull a little bit more of the herd and find good homes for them!

3- Bought a meal planning magnet for my fridge (super pretty one with fluorescent chalk-like markers) and created and (wait for it…) actually STUCK to a meal plan for the week!! #GoME

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Things that make my day. Quiet time with Jesus and purple roses 🌹💜 #StTherese #Adoration

What brings a smile 😃 to your face?

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Catholic Mom Small Success!!
Allison Gingras @reconciledtoyou here for Catholic Mom Community—

Did you keep a diary as a young girl? I recently found the one I had when I met my now-husband—we’ve been together since I was 16! While most of my notes make me chuckle, it is a wonderful gift to look back and see all God has done in my life. What does this have to do with Small Success IG Sharing? Great Question!

I look at these weekly recaps as a way of keeping a new kind of diary—documenting sweet snippets of my day-to-day life. What 3 things would you most like to remember from this past week?  

Please consider sharing by tagging @CatholicMomCommunity and using the hashtag: #CMSmallSuccess

1- Attended a Holy (½) Hour and viewing of the movie, "Pray" at my parish. I love Fr. Patrick Peyton, the subject of the film, and have for over 10 years now. I absolutely cherished this opportunity to share his incredible ministry and mission with others! #PraytheFilm #SaintPosse

2- Moved ahead on two incredible projects. Blessed beyond measure to be a part of both! Sorry for the vague-gramming ha ha. Just know they are very cool and for the glory of God!

3- Watched my daughter shine in just being her. Some days I truly can’t believe I get to be her mom!

We look forward to peeking into your week and cheering your successes!

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need prayer?

need prayer?

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