Encountering Signs of Faith

Encountering Signs of Faith:
My Unexpected Journey with Sacramentals, the Saints, and the Abundant Grace of God 
By Allison Gingras


What kind of book is this? An adoption story.

That’s because every Christian has an adoption story—the story of our adoption through Christ as his brothers and sisters and as children of the Father. With any adoption come new traditions, heirlooms, and the opportunity to create lasting legacies. For Christians, these signs of adoption often come in items such as rosaries, prayer cards, medals, and other sacramentals, which are important avenues for grace and tangible ways to embrace the abundant grace of God.

In Encountering Signs of Faith, Allison Gingras opens her heart to you through personal and powerful stories, including the adoption of her Deaf daughter, so that you can learn how to hear the message the Lord has for you about each sacramental. Each chapter shares a saint story that had a connection to a specific sacramental, including:

  • Ven. Patrick Peyton and the Rosary,
  • St. Juan Diego and Sacred Images,
  • St. Padre Pio and Crucifixes,
  • and St. Gemma Galgani and Religious Medals.

Through these stories, you will see how these sacramentals can renew your confidence and conviction that you are an adopted child of God.

“Each of us has desires that God longs to fulfill for us. Some are so minute they are fulfilled without our ever recognizing that grace played a role. Sometimes he plants the idea in our hearts early in our lives, like my desire to adopt a child. Other times he works through circumstances to lead us along the right path. The path God had in mind for us sent us on a mission that took us across a continent and an ocean; your mission is just as important, even if it takes you no further than your kitchen table. Either way, it takes courage to seek and to find the Lord’s will for our lives. If your heart is open to what he asks, I can guarantee that God will send you all the graces you need to fulfill his plan for you!”

Blessings, prayers, devotions, and objects such as rosaries and scapulars are forms of sacramentals. In Signs of Faith, Gingras—founder of Reconciled to You ministries—shares the story of how these helped her discern the adoption of her daughter from China, strengthened her faith as she waited to meet her, helped her bond with the toddler, and taught her daughter about her faith.

Gingras offers examples of saints who inspired and embraced sacramentals, including Juan Diego, Faustina, Bernadette, and Venerable Patrick Peyton. You will also learn about the spiritual benefits of incorporating sacramentals such as sacred images, novenas, prayer cards, lectio divina (sacred reading), and holy water into daily life. Reflection questions and grace-building activities are included with each chapter.

Gingras will guide you and your family to experience these sacred signs in a new way and to connect you more meaningfully to Jesus, Mary, and the saints.