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Encountering Signs of Faith: My Unexpected Journey with Sacramentals, the Saints, and the Abundant Grace of God
By Allison Gingras


After a friend gave Allison Gingras a Miraculous Medal, she began to incorporate it and other sacramentals into her personal prayer time and family devotions. She soon discovered that these tangible signs—which Catholics believe prepare us to receive the grace of the sacraments—helped both her and her profoundly deaf daughter connect with God and the spiritual motherhood of Mary, who is intimately connected to so many of these practices.

Blessings, prayers, devotions, and objects such as rosaries and scapulars are forms of sacramentals. In Signs of Faith, Gingras—founder of Reconciled to You ministries—shares the story of how these helped her discern the adoption of her daughter from China, strengthened her faith as she waited to meet her, helped her bond with the toddler, and taught her daughter about her faith.

Gingras offers examples of saints who inspired and embraced sacramentals, including Juan Diego, Faustina, Bernadette, and Venerable Patrick Peyton. You will also learn about the spiritual benefits of incorporating sacramentals such as sacred images, novenas, prayer cards, lectio divina (sacred reading), and holy water into daily life. Reflection questions and grace-building activities are included with each chapter.

Gingras will guide you and your family to experience these sacred signs in a new way and to connect you more meaningfully to Jesus, Mary, and the saints.

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Seeking Peace: A Spiritual Journey from Worry to Trust.
By Allison Gingras


In this book…

Discover seven ways we can learn to trust God more.

Explore and reflect on Scripture passages about when, why, and how to trust God.

Examine how trusting God more can mean worrying less.

Reflect on personal experiences and how trusting God can help you find the peace you are seeking today and every day!

If you consider yourself a master worrier, or if you come from a long line of worrywarts, you are not alone – Allison Gingras has been there. Drawing from her own story, Sacred Scripture, and the traditions of the Church, she helps readers embark on the life-changing journey from worry to trust. You can record your own responses to these insights right in the journal and bring those thoughts to your small faith groups for further discussion.

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The Gift of Invitation: 7 Ways Jesus Invites You to a Life of Grace
By Allison Gingras

In The Gift of Invitation, you will:

  • discover seven powerful invitations Jesus extends to you, including the invitation to follow him, forgive from your heart, and know his Father’s many gifts;
  • explore the Bible to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus;
  • see how each invitation plays out in your own life;
  • and reflect on how you can be better prepared to accept Jesus’ invitations.

Jesus is constantly inviting each of us to a more abundant life—but in order to receive that gift, we need to accept his invitation. In The Gift of Invitation, Allison Gingras explores Jesus’ invitation through her own story, sacred Scripture, and the tradition of the Church. You can record your own responses to these insights right in the journal, then bring those thoughts to your small faith-sharing group for further discussion. And as with all the Stay Connected journals, guided prayers and space to journal your own prayer helps you forge a deeper, living connection with Jesus.

The Gift of Invitation is a perfect resource for individuals or groups looking for an uplifting and faithful template for study and guided reflection and conversation. Accept Allison Gingras’ invitation to journey ever deeper into the gift of sacred scripture and find your heart longing for more!

—Lisa M. Hendey,

founder of and author of The Grace of Yes

Peek inside: A new way for women to stay connected to Christ

Stay Connected Journals for Catholic Women help women  build a closer relationship with Jesus. Each Stay Connected journal explores a different path to spiritual growth in short, easy-to-complete chapters—perfect for busy, on-the-go individuals or small faith-sharing groups!

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