It’s time for End of the Year Recaps and I found this wonderful link up to help motivate me to look back at my year. Join me today as we review over 2018 and share the good, the sad and the many moments kissed by God. Please let me know if you also participate in a recap or this link-up to share your own thoughts, memories and top posts of 2018 – I’d love to see them!

My brave Faithy playing with dinner. New Year’s Eve, 2018

Every year we begin with a lobster feast with several of our closest friends. 2018, gratefully, was no different. Traditions are one of God’s greatest gifts. What holiday celebrations do you most look forward too?

Selfie with 100 Amazing New Friends in Scottsbluff, Nebraska

In 2009, the Lord put upon my heart to launch Reconciled To You ministries which I knew would include not only writing about the Catholic faith but sharing it through presentations and retreats as well. I had done a little public speaking in my Early Education career but had no idea how incredibly the Holy Spirit would equip me for sharing the faith. It truly amazes me — 10 years later — that I am allotted such a privilege!!

The once beautiful pine tree outside my bedroom window #NewEnglandWinterProblems

This is a strange recollection because losing this tree was more than just a homeownership task. First, there was gratitude that the second enormous branch lost from this tree did not hit our home as the first had, nor did it fall when one of us was outside under it! Second, this was an enormous lesson in God’s providence and how far He has brought us in the last 3 years in our financial life.

The Lord provided a reasonable solution to the tree removal through the son of one of my Bible Babe (faith sharing group) friends and we’d managed to save enough money to pay for the removal cash which is kinda monumental for us!! We never seem to get ahead financially but always seem to have just what we need. Prayer doesn’t hurt in this either!

The Catholic Book Blogger, Pete Socks, and To Jesus Sincerely’s Sara Estabrooks, were just 2 of the amazing Catholics Online I met on our Catholic media retreat in April!

While virtual friendships are a true blessing, actually getting to hug, hangout, and encourage each other in person, is an even bigger blessing. Learn more about the fabulous Catholics Online community — HERE!

My middle kid, Adam, and his sweet girlfriend, Avery, both finished High School in May. This event not only marked the completion of Adam’s schooling but more importantly was a sign he was finally healing from the traumatic loss of one of his best friends, Brett.
Lisa Hendey, #SaintPosse steadfast Fr. Patrick Peyton’s cousin, and myself at the Veneration Celebration at said Fr. Peyton. What a glorious honor being part of this day was!!

“Seventy-six years after Father Peyton began our ministry, the essence of Father Peyton’s ministry is relevant and vibrant to families today. Father Peyton still inspires people all over the world by his holy life and the example of his strong and tender devotion to Our Blessed Mother.
As Father Peyton did for so many years, Holy Cross Family Ministries continues to unleash the power and promise of family prayer. ” Learn more about Family Rosary and their incredible mission — HERE!

The Father Peyton center is near my home and I am blessed to visit Venerable Patrick Peyton’s grave often. If I can ever bring a prayer request there for you, please do not hesitate to ask. I also attend Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament several times a week and will present your petitions there as well. You can leave prayer intentions any time — HERE!

This is Lillian of China Adoption with Love. She is single-handedly responsible for helping our family become complete, when we brought Faith home in 2009! This was Faith’s first time meeting her at our annual CAWLI “Cousins” Reunion.
Thrill of a lifetime! Visiting the Seminary in Maryland of another of my favorite #SaintPosse member, Blessed Stanley Rother. Big shout out to my friend Pete Socks for making this happen! I had that stupid grin on all day -a truly mystical experience!
Another day at the Office!! Weekly Adoration is part of my Grace Trifecta – prayer, sacrament, and Scripture, that helps me stay grounded in faith. It is also a fabulous place to write!

Speaking of the Grace Trifecta — One of my 2018 Highlights was participating as a speaker in the Pray More Lenten Retreat. Here is one of the video presentations from that wonderful online retreat from Pray More Novenas. #Grateful2018Moments

October 1st was not only St. Therese’s feast day but the launch of my new book / journaling series, The Stay Connected Journals for Catholic Women. My first installment is this pretty blue book entitled, The Gift of Invitation: 7 Ways Jesus Invites You to a Life of Grace

In The Gift of Invitation, you will:

  • discover seven powerful invitations Jesus extends to you, including the invitation to follow him, forgive from your heart, and know his Father’s many gifts;
  • explore the Bible to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus;
  • see how each invitation plays out in your own life;
  • and reflect on how you can be better prepared to accept Jesus’ invitations. Read More …
November 10th we sadly lost our father, John W. Perry, Jr.
After a 40 year battle with heart disease and 20 years after my dad received the gift of a new life via organ donation. He had a heart transplant in 2000, from a young man named Darren Minors, who birthday just happened to be none other than November 10th. #Godcidence
Weird Gingras Tradition 135 LOL
Sitting in our front driveway by the fire drinking beer and looking at our pretty Christmas light display that my hubby and kids put up every year. Redneck but nice!

As with every year the Lord blesses with me on this earth, 2018 was filled with amazing highs — graduations, book publications, and meeting so many virtual friends in real life. The year also came with great sadnesses with the loss of my father, and my friends Michelle Gelineau (Give Him 5) and Mary Ann Hutcherson (fellow laborer through WINE and CMN). There were also new challenges as Faithy was diagnosed with aggressive scoliosis and the continuation of past struggles — dyshidrotic eczema that just doesn’t seem to want to move on or be healed.

How was your 2018?

I’d love to hear about it — your highs, lows, and all the in-betweens. Please let me know if you join this linkup or you can simply share in the comments below.