5 Ways to Celebrate the Catholic Sacraments as a Family
November 23, 2022
Allison Gingras
November 23, 2022
Allison Gingras

As a Catholic, an essential way to keep your faith alive is by partaking in the sacraments together as a family. A sacrament is an outward sign instituted by Christ to give grace—the Catholic Church recognizes seven. The sacraments are all part of our faith journey and should be celebrated with joy! 

The Importance of the Sacraments

The sacraments are an integral part of the Catholic Church; as award-winning Catholic author Elizabeth Kelly would say, sacraments are a big deal — really! Through the seven sacraments, Catholics receive God’s grace and grow ever deeper in their relationship with Him.

The sacraments are also a way for us to express our faith, grow closer to each other, and express our love for God. They are a source of strength for us when we are weak and hope during times of struggle. They help us to remember that God loves us and is always with us, even when we feel alone. They are a sign of His forgiveness. Sacraments help us to understand God’s will for our lives. They give us the grace we need to live our lives for Him.

Read on for inspiration on how you can celebrate the sacraments together as a family with joy. 

Five Fun Ways to Celebrate the Sacraments as a Family

1. Choosing Gifts for Children’s Sacraments 

Sacraments often involve giving gifts to the person being baptized, confirmed, wedded, ordained, and so forth. When celebrating a sacrament like the First Holy Communion or Confirmation together as a family, it is a great idea to come up with some gifts to give to the child for the occasion.

Of course, you could give him or her something handmade or a gift that they could use. It’s even better if you choose something that will help strengthen their faith and love for God as they grow up. As seen on the House of Joppa website, it could be a statue of Mother Mary and baby Jesus, a Rosary, Catholic art, or even a Bible.

2. Going to Church Together

Going to Mass together as a family is the most important way to build a strong faith foundation for your child. Not only will you bond as a family, but it also helps you learn the teachings of the Catholic Church together during sacramental liturgies. [RTY NOTE: For an excellent article on why we should attend Mass weekly, besides it being a Holy Day of Obligation, please check out this inspiring post by Fr. Matthew Gill on the Family Rosary blog.

3. Sharing a Communion Meal Together

Many families hold parties after receiving the sacrament, such as when someone is baptized or receives First Communion or Confirmation, or enjoy a family breakfast after Mass (especially on special holy days). Another wonderful way to share the great joy of being in communion with God is to pray before enjoying a meal together—doing this will can assist children in better understanding the Eucharist as a meal of thanksgiving, one celebrated and enjoyed in community.

4. Making a Sacramental Craft Together

You can also come up with a fun craft project that will strengthen your children’s faith. You can make a diorama that shows the theme for the week, or you can make a cake shaped like the church. It’s even more fun when you have the kids help with the craft, and then you can enjoy eating the decorated creation afterward. Allison’s new book, Encountering Signs of Faith, offers a variety of ideas for families around sacramentals, including hands-on activities, at the end of each chapter.

5. Saying the Rosary Together

Finally, saying the Rosary together strengthens your bond as a family. It is a great way to put yourself in the presence of God while building a firm foundation of faith in Him. Furthermore, it’s a perfect opportunity to let your kids learn how to pray the Rosary and learn to use rosary beads.

The sacraments are a beautiful way to celebrate God’s love for us and His presence in our lives. They are also a great way for families to come together and celebrate their faith. The above are just a few ways you can celebrate Catholic sacraments as a family.

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