7 Merry Christmas to ME Gift Ideas
December 20, 2016
Allison Gingras
December 20, 2016
Allison Gingras
Merry Christmas to Me Gifts


Monthly Subscription Box
$29.99 *special pricing avail

Promises good stuff each month for MIND, BODY AND SOUL!

This initial box (sent free for me to give honest review) surely did NOT disappoint! I was giddy from first peek to final surprise!!  SO much so that I became a monthly subscriber!

Also makes a FABULOUS gift!

Fun Packaging!

4 Keys #Gifts4Friends

Coloring Art; Lily Soap & Rosary

Faith & I enjoying some coloring

Gail’s Designs

Gail’s Designs graciously donated this ~~> item
for a giveaway this year.

NOW I want one!

The picture DOES NOT
do it justice


Walk in Her Sandals Book Cover


Contributing Author in this Fabulous #DailyDevotional

Of course … this barely skimmed the surface of the books I was blessed to read this year preparing for A Seeking Heart (and for self edification). CHECK OUT more recommendations on my Radio Show Blog !

Disclaimer: Many of the books on my blog contain affliate links to Amazon — meaning if you click on the image and purchase from the link I get a wee bit of dough to support the ministry.  But — truth be told – if you have access to a LOCAL BOOKSTORE OR SELLER, I’d prefer you purchase from them!

Joining the Adult Coloring Book Craze…

Disclaimer:  Received from Pauline Books & Media for a fair and honest review. CLEARLY from my coloring prowess – I enjoyed the book!  The illustrations to color were so intricate and beautiful! Faithy & I love coloring it together!

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When all the Christmas shopping is complete and your budget rebounds –
or perhaps you’ve been blessed with a little Christmas cash;
don’t spend it on the kids or the bills.
Get a little something special for yourself.  I have NO DOUBT you deserve it!
All Rights Reserved Allison Gingras, 2016



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