30 Days with Teresa of Avila (8/31 – 9/1/15)


Interview with Author, Dan Burke (SpiritualDirection.com)

Manual for Spiritual Warfare (8/19/15)


There is a battle raging on – and whether that sounds fanatical or not, it remains the truth.

There is one book every Christian needs to put in their library (or better yet their pocketbook, glove box or desk drawer) and that is Paul Thigpen’s Manual for Spiritual Warfare (Tan Books).

Here is what we covered in this episode:

  • Offering up your day to day sacrifices (like me and food allergy stuff) instead of bemoaning them!
  • KNOW the Battle – who is it we are fighting and what are their tactics
  • DING DONG ditches with the devil and my stupid brain – which is pretty much like every other brain
  • KNOW your COMMANDER .. um yeah that should be an easy one
  • KNOW your Comrades (hint:  Mary, Saints, Angels … )

Fascinating discussion — great ADVICE!! Even after only 2 days I feel more empowered and at peace!

Want MORE? Listen to my interview with Author, Paul Thigpen here!   Or get your copy of Spiritual Warfare!

A Manual for Spiritual Warfare (Aug 18th)


CLICK HERE … for the 8/19/15 Spiritual Warfare episode

One of my Favorite books — so MUCH wisdom in ONE little place!!

  • The Battle is Real
  • WE need a PLAN
  • God provides us that plan
  • Our JOB is to learn the strategies of the enemy in order to not be ensnared by them

THIS BOOK is that.. and so so much more!