A Seeking Heart Returns

Relaunch of A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras Podcast — reverting back to what brought me to podcast in the first place — AWESOME CATHOLIC BOOKS! 

The new (old) format will include a Monday podcast (recorded live at 12:30 pm et on Reconciled To You on FB); and a second podcast landing on Thursday. 

This second show will be recorded LIVE (times will vary), also on Facebook,  and will be with the author from the book featured on Monday’s show!

This week:

Manual for Women from Danielle Bean & TAN books.

This discussion included:

  • How One might go about the Discernment of God’s Will;
  • My real disappointment in Eve ruining life – YOU know by adding laundry, labor pains, and the battle with what to wear! Seriously, Eve, YOU were in paradise, what the heck were you thinking!  #HumanCondition;
  • It is not a sign of weakness to cry – even at Subaru commercials. What are the Feminine Gifts of Receptivity, Sensitivity, Generosity, Compassion & Beauty – and what do those look like lived in our every day, ordinary lives.

Interview with Danielle Bean and her New Book: Manual for Women (TAN books)

Topics & Links: 

  • Holy Cross Family MinistriesCatholicmom.com
  • My honor to be an occasional co-host for: Catholic MomCast!
  • An inspiring look at authentic womanhood
  • The Blessed Mother, Mary, as our Model of Womanhood
  • The Gift of Generosity; Sensitivity; and Beauty:                 
  • Choosing God’s Will over Ours               
  • Cooperating with God’s Will (Utilizing Grace!)               
  • Being a Teacher of the Art of Love                 
  • Tuning into our Fellow Human Beings and so much more…                                    

A Seeking Heart – Live on FB

A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras Podcast — Drops Mondays and Thursdays. Monday’s show is recorded live at 12:30 pm et on Reconciled To You on FB).  This second podcast will include an interview with the author from the book featured on Monday’s show; will also be recorded LIVE on Facebook this time Thursday with times vary according to Author availability.

A Seeking Heart Giveaways are back too… this week features Danielle Bean’s Manual for Women (Tan Books) & 3 Surprise Books:

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