A Seeking Heart – October 2015 Episodes
October 28, 2015
Allison Gingras
October 28, 2015
Allison Gingras

We Are Family: Sometimes That Takes a Toll  (Oct 28, 2015)


In This Episode:

Allison Gets Real – brutally honest and forthright about the hot mess that is my life & my family:​

  • Today we’ll dive into how to strengthen not just families with special needs but ALL families! Because down deep in every heart and every person is a special need that needs to be attended to!
  • Depression and teenagers – praying and supporting children when days are difficult.
  • 54 Day Rosary — I asked for Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual well-being for my family. No doubt God answered, however God answered NOT as how I WOULD have wanted, but I can see that His ANSWER was for our GOOD.  He is strengthen my family in a way that will grow us in those areas; not just temporary but as we move forward.
  • Daily Panic and anxiety attacks – why I SEE these as a blessing. Does God weakens us through suffering and trials to get us to follow Him? Would I follow God if I never felt a NEED for him!
  • MOMMA-Super Woman with her CAPE … tattered by worn arrogantly all the while!
  • 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 – What you are encouraged in, the LORD will us you to encourage others in!
  • SO I’m NOT perfect and IF at any point I pretended to be or presented my that way … I Apologize! The Spirit asked; am I in ministry or marketing? DO I try to sell GOD or SHARE my experiences with Him?​  There is a big difference, as Pope Francis reminds us, God is not a career. I’m on this journey right alongside of you – and hope you and I can assist each other (with God’s grace) along the path.
  • Stay faithful and remain connected to God during the TOUGH battles!

Today’s show was inspired by (and are covered in more detail on the Oct. 29th episode):
David & Mercedes Rizzo‘s books Spiritually Able and Faith, Family & Children with Special needs – were God sent during this incredibly difficult time.  The Rizzos are insightful, kind and compassionate people who share their hearts and experiences to encourage and guide other families navigating this stuff on their own!  AND be sure youdon’t miss this game-changing interview with David & Mercedes!!

Chime Travelers – Lisa Hendey (Oct 27th)


In this episode:

Author, Lisa Hendey – The Chime Travelers series from Franciscan Media

  • Book 1: The Secret of the Shamrock (St. Patrick)
  • Book 2:  The Sign of the Carved Cross (St. Kateri)
  • You will never guess where Lisa does her writing for this fantastic series!
  • We get a peek inside character and plot development – including some specially chosen names!
  • How can a book meant for young readers become a family favorite – there is truly something for everyone in this series.
  • Catechism, tradition and history all wrapped up in a engaging story!!
  • I also get the scope on the next 2 books in the series!!

For more visit Catholicmom.com and LisaHendey.com

For Podcasts of other A Seeking Heart episodes – click HERE

Feat. Cristina Trinidad (Oct 26th)


On This Episode:

Arriving at Amen (Oct 22nd)


Chat about Prayer  – the progression from a life without it to the remarkable blessings of life with it!

  • The purpose of praying and connecting with God
  • Prayers I was very familiar with Hail Mary and Lord’s Prayer to ones I am JUST now being introduced to – the Liturgy of the Hours ‘hinge’ prayers.
  • More on the fruit of my crazy ROSARY work
  • THE POWER of prayer to sustain you when you are BARELY holding on!

My Ideal, Jesus Son of Mary: Fr. Peter Fehlner (Sept 25)



On this episode:

Interview with Fr. Peter Damien Fehlner of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate

  • My Ideal:  Jesus Son of Mary – a profound LITTLE book (perfect size for your pocket or adoration bag – and jam packed with things to ponder in prayer and/or adoration)
  • Book can be use for 33 day preparation for Consecration to Jesus through Mary
  • Fr. Peter is sweet with a big side of scholarly – and opened my heart to how Our Blessed Mother truly leads us to her son, Jesus.  We enter the school of Mary – and she teaches us how to love Jesus
  • I learned how to better understand:  filial love; why we honor Mary; and the incredible relationship between Mary and Jesus that we are called into!

To find out more about My Ideal: Jesus, Son of Mary visit Academy of the Immaculate … an inexpensive but very valuable book!!

Acts of the Apostles (Liguori): Fr. William Anderson


On this episode:

Fr. William A Anderson, Liguori Catholic Bible Study – The Acts of the Apostles: Good News for All  Liguori Publications

  • The Unique and helpful Book format is explained – use it for Group or Individual study (or of course both as you have reflections to keep you between meetings!)
  • Explanation and great example of Lectio Divina
  • The Power and Workings of the Holy Spirit in the time of the Apostles and still today
  • How can YOU recognize the Spirit at work in you?
  • St. Paul – Apostle, Prisoner for Christ, Faith Hero and GREAT teacher of perseverance and devout love of Jesus!

Be sure to stay with us to the end – to receive Fr. Anderson’s beautiful blessing!

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