A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras featuring Road Signs for Catholic Teens (OSV)
May 15, 2019
Allison Gingras

A Seeking Heart Podcast – Road Signs for Catholic Teens (Our Sunday Visitor). Edited by Jennessa Terraccino and excited to announce, has a chapter from me! :

Road Signs for Catholic Teens edited by Jennessa Terraccino; and includes a chapter entitled Yield: Serving Others in Christian Charity by Yours Truly!

This discussion included:

Interview with Jennessa Terraccino and her New Book: Road Signs for Catholic Teens (OSV) – Thursday, May 8th @ 6:30 pm et

Topics & Links …

  • Get to Know Jennessa
  • Her other awesome book, The Princess Guide (CatholicTV Appearance)
  • What is a Road Pilgrim?  How to recognize if you are one?
  • Catechesis that is easy to understand and very relatable
  • Meant for Teens – but honestly, book rocks for any age
  • Parenting Tip:  Can’t get your kid to read it? Consider reading it yourself to gather some good talk points; pull those out next time you are taxiing them to an activity or school.
  • Confirmation Programs?? A perfect MAP for a Confirmation Retreat!  *Coming SOON!
  • All hoping to be on the Road to Heaven and not the Highway to Hell

A Seeking Heart FB LIVE Podcast Recording – Mondays 12:30 pm et:

A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras Podcast is all about awesome, inspiring, and even educational, CATHOLIC BOOKS! 

The Weekly Podcast is recorded live at 12:30 pm et on Reconciled To You on FB; then posted via Breadbox Media as a podcast.

This second podcast of the week records Thursdays also on FB LIVE. Those times will vary as it will feature the author from the book featured on Monday’s show! Stay tuned each week for time announcement!

May 20th & 23rd: Our Lady of Charity & Maria Johnson!

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