Autumn Reset: Are You Meeting Your Goals
September 7, 2017
Allison Gingras

Autumn leaves

Happy New New Year

For nearly 20 years, I have made 10 lists of 10 things I want change or accomplish in the upcoming year.   Not sure what precipitated this tradition? Maybe it was my love of making lists!  That thrill I get from physically crossing an item off my to-do list!

My resolutions are always organized by theme.

  • 10 ways to a healthy me;
  •  10 books to read (probably only one I actually accomplish);
  • 10 decluttering projects to tackle; and
  • 10 Spiritual practices to adopt, etc.

Some Things Never Change

De-cluttering last Summer, I found old journals containing previous years’ lists.   It was funny (or maybe a little sad) how many items carried from year to year.  The lists included such things as:

The Autumn Reset

Last September, I felt a desire to revisit my New Year’s Resolutions.  As Summer wraps up and the calendar fills with new activity, I want to take a fresh look at my resolutions.  The timing is perfect. I enter Autumn refreshed and refocused. As opposed to frazzled in January following the hustle of the holidays.

So, here I am at September, recharged and ready to roll!  How about you?

Autumn landscape

Day One: A Healthier Me 

Battling weight and food issues since the age of 9, “10 Ways to Lose Weight” is a constant goal.  My first Autumn reset? Renaming this goal to “10 Ways to a Healthy Me.”  Experiencing another Weight Watchers failure, I had to admit my AD/HD and tracking are incompatible. It is time to wave the white flag on WW.   The second Autumn reset is on how I will approach food.

After two years of battling multiple food sensitivities – gluten, dairy and sulfur – I am looking at ways to be mindful of what I eat.   Aware I need to work on my portion control issue I went searching for something that better suited me.  I discovered Intermittent Fasting (IF).  Although many versions of IF exist, I am settling on the 16/8 variation.  Which means fasting for 16 hours and consuming food within an 8 hour window each day.

Two months in and I have lost only a few pounds.  That may seem discouraging but any month I’ve not gained weight, I am happy.  Adhering to the philosophy that slow progress leads to permanent change. The 16/8 Intermittent Fast serves a dual purpose. It aids my Spiritual Goal to incorporate fasting with my prayer.  A daily fast is easier than I expected. The new IF eating plan produces spiritual fruit for me to feast upon.  “Fail” days are minimal.  I don’t feel deprived which positively affects my emotional well-being!

Rosary Reset

Autumn Reset #3 also covers two resolutions.  With the weather cooling down enough for being outside, it is time to resurrect my Rosary Walks.  This Autumn there is a bit of a hesitation because two homes were built in my backyard over the Summer.  If one neighbor thinks I am nuts, three may be enough to have me committed.   Though being a fool for Christ has never been a hindrance before!

The walking assists with my healthy me goal. The Rosary aligns with my daily prayer target.  My secondary goal is a 54-Day Rosary Novena for Peace in the world. Our Blessed Mother words to the children of Fatima a 100 years ago continues to encourage me to pray the Rosary. My anxious heart seeks the comfort and hope the Rosary offers regarding the end to the threat of war.

What Autumn Reset toward
being a healthier you
would you like to implement?

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