Encountering Faith with Of Sound Mind & Spirit plus Author to Author
April 17, 2024
Allison Gingras
April 17, 2024
Allison Gingras

Writing books to share God’s love and the beauty of Catholic faith devotions is only some of the fun I am blessed to have in my ministry work! In addition, I often have the opportunity to chat with amazing Catholic peeps about various matters of faith! Recently, I had the privilege of being a guest on two entertaining podcasts—I am confident you will enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording them!

Of Sound Mind and Spirit with Lisa Henley Jones & Shelly Henley Kelly

Throughout this candid conversation, Allison enlightens us about her favorite saint, Venerable Patrick Payton, and how his advocacy for family prayer can still echo in our lives today. We also touch on the use of sacramentals and the incredible way in which our journey of faith is intertwined with the global church.

So settle in and join us for a heartfelt discussion on the continuous learning, embracing traditional practices, and the importance of good Christian Women friendships.

From Of Sound Mind and Spirit Podcast excerpt, Episode 47.

Author to Author with Dr. Cynthia Toolin-Wilson

Listen to “Episode 327: Allison Gingras on her book Encountering Signs of Faith (April 12, 2024)” on Spreaker.

Or watch on YouTube!
*But ignore my crazy hair and lack of make-up; I missed the “this is a video” message. ha!!

Speaking of Fun Opportunities…

My newest release – The Handy Little Guide – Novenas, is out on Kindle and available for preorder on Amazon and Our Sunday Visitor! It is one of my favorite writing projects to date! I have been praying novenas for over 40 years and have seen the miraculous come from these sweet (yet powerful) devotions! Hope you will check it out!



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