#FlashbackFriday – Miracles and When God Eases Your Anxieties
May 19, 2017
Allison Gingras
Friday Flashbacks

Money Matters

Kevin and I were blessed to kick off 2017 with an unexpected financial gift to help us snowball our debts. This generous surprise allowed us to eliminate 8 charge cards. As I wrote out each check and MORE IMPORTANTLY closed each credit card account; I was struck by the amazing way God works in our lives. This compulsion to avoid spending cash and hoarding credit cards has been a part of my life since I turned 18 (in 1986) and could apply for my first card. Recently I was watching a show on the 1980s and how the general mentality of the day was ‘spend it now because tomorrow is probably NOT going to come for long’.   “The Day After” movie was indicative of the general mindset – that World War III was imminent and with it would be complete nuclear annihilation.  If you ever underestimated the power of media just take a peek back at the 1980s and believe!

Our family’s road out of debt and into financial freedom has been remarkable – long – but truly a blessing.  If you recall, it began at the beginning of 2016 with another gift, the Navigating Your Finances God’s Way from my Breadbox Media friends Jon and Evelyn Bean and published through their ministry, Compass Catholic.  As I went through the program I documented our progress through a Money Monday: God, Your Money and You blog series.  We are still about a year (maybe two) from being credit card debt free but it is WAY CLOSER than we were just two years ago when I wasn’t even sure how I would put Thanksgiving Dinner on the table

A Seeking Heart Interview with Jon & Evelyn Bean

Group Picture

Holy Family Parish #MarchForLife Contingency (photo courtesy: Joe Vincent)

Miraculous March Moment

In January 2017, for the first time, I traveled with my parish to participate in the March for Life in Washington, DC.  My general anxiety, made only more severe by my near death experience at the 2013 World Youth Day, has kept me from attending in the past.  Sometimes, I am convinced, the Lord allows a veil over our eyes to keep us from really contemplating what will actual happen to move us where He wishes us to be! Pretty sure that is how I ended up at the March for Life this year!  Overall the trip was amazing – as an mom, especially an adoptive mom – my heart has a special place for the protection of the unborn. Though this March is for more than just the babies in the womb, but to raise awareness of the respect for life of all from conception to natural death.
Miraculous Moment from my experience at the March for Life

The crowds were crazy (which is good unless you have crowd anxiety) I had many moments of near hyperventilation panic. One such moment included this AMAZING God moment I have to share. At one point we were STUCK in a crowd, not moving and tightly packed. I prayed for God to calm me and let me know HE was near. Important to this story: God has used butterflies OFTEN to help me see his presence. As I prayed for peace – the man behind me says, “OH wow, that looks like a butterfly wing” … just hearing that ‘key’ word, my heart overflowed with love and my panic subsided. God is SO near – we just need to ask for him to reveal that to us. He promises not to abandon us! He is truly a faithful and PROMISE keeping kind of Father

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