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Today’s Gospel: Matthew 25:31-46

One of the privileges I’m bestowed in my parish is to bring Eucharist to the home-bound. As an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, I’m blessed to not only share Jesus but also be the visible Church to those no longer able to attend Mass. This gift has come with opportunities for immense joy as well as some deep regrets. As someone who battles anxiety, this calling of service can be difficult, especially when called to unfamiliar or particularly bereaved situation.

Shortly into my commission, my pastor asked me to visit a gentleman who was in his final days. My anxiety over visiting a dying man in an unfamiliar setting immediately kicked in and I made a million excuses why I couldn’t visit that day but would go tomorrow. Unfortunately he … READ MORE

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Forgiveness written in the sand


In 2010, when I first decided to offer Seeking the Peace of Forgivenessretreats, the intention was to focus on my many experiences of forgiving others.  The first retreat was booked for August 2010, and I was busy preparing: asking for prayer support, reading various books – including Forgiveness: A Catholic Approach by R. Scott Hurd (Pauline Books and Media) as well as increasing my time in Eucharistic Adoration.  I was confident in my ability to help participants learn how to forgive. My arrogant confidence would soon be refined, as God quickly and profoundly reminded me of the other side of the forgiveness coin – when you are the one who needs to be forgiven. The first lesson came in July, during Vacation Bible School (VBS).  My family and I had participated in VBS at our last two parishes.  My children went first as campers and then later as volunteers and leaders.  In 2010, after recently adopting a little girl from China who was deaf, I retired from any administrative roles and was going as a parent and ASL interpreter for my daughter, Faith. My teenage sons had been volunteered to help, which was not a popular idea especially when it meant getting up at 7 am during summer vacation.

The first day, we were running very late. I was tired, stressed and happened to not be feeling well that morning – all things I could have easily used as excuses for what was about to happen.  We arrived late,  greeted by a group of not-so-friendly parents at the entrance, which I quickly learned was actually the line to enter the building. There was lots of noise and confusion, along with whining from my ‘teenage cherubs’ that added to my preexisting crabby condition. I finally got to the check-in and the hard-working volunteer (who was also the director), handed me a blue t-shirt indicating my Kindergarten daughter had been placed in the preschool group and … I LOST IT!   This was my first opportunity to travel through the VBS stations and I looked forward …READ MORE


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