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Guest Blog for Diocesan Publications’  Lenten Series 

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Comparing Reconciliation and Chronic Illness
There are remarkable similarities between the eczema on my hands and the sin on my soul. Both need healing. For my hands there are remedies such as medicines and creams; for the soul there is the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
I saw other connections:

  1. The root cause can not always be determined and can lay dormant within somebody for years.  …  CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE ARTICLE

Spiritual Inspiration from Ben Walther Music

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Ben Walther’s song, “A Light to the Nations” inspired me to consider an important question: What LIGHT do I have to bring forth?  On rare occasions it is a torch; but more often it is a matchstick.

In order to go forth, as Ben’s song encourages, to be a sign of God’s love and hope to others … first I have to allow myself to be a recipient of these great gifts…

The older I get the more I have come to realize how I want to be seen in this world, and who I really am, are vastly different.    ….  CLICK HERE FOR MORE OF THE SERIES

#ICYMI –  March CWBN BLOG HOP on Confession

My true feelings about confession...

A Few Sample Thoughts … 

I also find that when I’m left alone to confess my sins direct to God, I tend to do so only when my conscience pricks me. In the Sacrament, though, God calls out to me constantly to reconcile and offers his mercy—which makes me want to go to him regardless.  ~ Sarah, Come To The Word

Confession is also the orphan stepchild of sacraments.  It is usually included now as part of preparation for First Eucharist and gets short shrift. Yet, I think if you asked my students which sacrament had the biggest impact on them, hands down, it would be Confession. ~ Anne, Y’all Need Jesus Blog

I saw Confession as one of those things we had to do. I did it – occasionally – with a grin and bear it attitude that was far more bear it than grin it.  I treated confession like I treated a lot of my faith. I did the minimum I could do to call myself Catholic. I figured I did more than most – which was true – so I’d look better than most – which was true and false. ~  Strahlen, Single Mom Smiling

This is just the tip of the AMAZING THOUGHTS on CONFESSION… Click HERE for more

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