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In addition to sharing my faith thoughts on Reconciled To Youand chatting away daily on A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras, I am also blessed to contribute across the web.

Here are some of my latest columns:


Can I Really Trust a Shepherd? 

My first contribution on Catholic Stand.  After reading Psalm 23 in Adoration, I was intrigued by the role and responsibilities of a Shepherd.  This column was born out of the insightful discoveries from that search.  Jesus, truly is The Good Shepherd and we should feel a great peace at being called his sheep!


Ben Walther – A Light to the Nations

Inspired by the interest in the #MusicThatMoves series I began here on Reconciled To You; I decided to make this my new column on After years of writing TechTalk, I was ready for a new genre to explore. Christian Music seems the PERFECT fit!!

Rosary Blog

A Very Unexpected Response

The interest in this post KNOCKED MY SOCKS OFF!  I posted it on Facebook the day after it launched on NewEvangelizers.comand within days had over 8000 HITS!! Crazy, right!   Go Mama Mary!  It received an additional 3000 visits after I used a slightly revamped edition for last week’s #WorthRevisit post!!

If you visit any of these — please let me know below.  I am also interested and delighted by your thoughts left in the comments below!!

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