John 13:5

Holy Thursday thoughts …

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The Triduum:
A Chance to Just Be

“We’ll see the priest wash the feet of those who are prepared to enter the Church on Holy Saturday’s Easter Vigil. It’s an act of service that lowers the washer (both literally and figuratively) in humility to the person whose foot is being washed.”

The Mass cover

A Beautiful, Camoflauged
Mess of a Life:
Prayer for Times of
Agony in the Garden

We all have a moment in our lives, or many of us have several moments in our lives, where we are in agony, and where we are faced with doing what we want to do, rather than what God is asking of us. From that evening’s reflection sprang the following prayer. If it touches you, please print it out, share it, or simply say a heartfelt Amen.

Women In the New Evangelization

Sharing two very different Holy Thursday feet washing experiences.
Pride vs being humbled
by a very special little girl.

The Triddum

To Jesus, Sincerely
The Mass:
2 Things you know
& 1 that will Blow Your Mind

“If we know anything about the Mass, we know this.  The Mass is often referred to as “The Lord’s Supper,” or the “Breaking of Bread,” bringing us back to that first Lord’s Supper – the Last Supper (CCC 1329).”

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