It was my first time in Rome, and I was overwhelmed by the beautiful marvels of the Italian culture. I wanted to drink in every drop of Italy’s timeless charm and rich history – the sites, the churches, the fountains and steps, the sacred art, relics and the peaceful rows of olive trees high atop green mountains of winding cobblestone roads. Not to mention literally drinking in some of the best wine and coffee I’ve ever tasted!

Encountering the Pietà

I had studied art for many years prior to visiting Rome – a searching agnostic who couldn’t help but to be deeply moved by the many sacred art pieces we observed and studied throughout the semesters. As it often was, the encounter with the physical work was a million times more powerful than its one-dimensional replica in my textbook. Yet, I always found that knowing the history of the piece – its inspiration and process of coming into being, its creator and their relation to the work, increased its value ten-fold.


Awe for Michelangelo’s Pietà was something that every art historian, scholar, and apprentice alike has shared from the time of its creation. Its stone magnificence gave life to the most beautifully significant posture of the mother of God cradling her son Jesus’ lifeless body in her lap that the world had ever known.

Awe can sometimes seem like an understatement, or at least that’s how I felt when I first walked through the doors of … continue reading Kim’s reflection

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