#LentenWalk Photo Challenge – Week 4
April 2, 2017
Allison Gingras

Lenten photo challenge week 4


Frozen cartoon

What usually freezes my spiritual growth – my fears, anxiety and doubts. What melts those away – the ‘grace trifecta‘!


Can you guess
what kind of bird this is?


butterfly drawn


Faithful friends

I wonder why my friends stick around? I am legit the worse friend, ever. I hate using the phone, never have time to hang out and a horrible hostess.  It is truly by the grace of God they stick around – and I am ever so grateful that they do!! What I can assure them – they are VERY covered in prayer!

Walk in Her Sandals Reflection – Confusion of Unanswered Prayers

Quote from Allison Gingras

Lenten Overachiever – UPDATE

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