LentenWalk Photo Challenge Week Three



This sunset was experienced on my trip to Los Angeles a few years ago.  There is a filter on this picture, because I decided to use Lo-Fi for the entire Photo Challenge, however, even the original picture could not capture the actual BEAUTY of this moment!





Every Good Friday, I head to my parish for three hours of prayer and reflection.  My pastor gives a inspiring talk on Jesus’ last words from the cross; and at 3 o’clock the parish youth present the living stations.  This was the view from my pew when I had a few moments there all to myself.  It was an incredible blessing, but I was sad more were not there to mark the solemnity of the day.


Mary Statue

Our Lady of LaSalette during Christmas. I am so blessed to live near this special Shrine.  Personally, I like visiting during the Spring when the flowers are in bloom; and the grounds are empty of the holiday crowds


Mother and child figurine

Why YES my Nativity set is still out.  Yes, I am aware it is almost Easter!! If I leave it out long enough, it will be Christmas again!


Mary with sanctuary light

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