Lenten Walk Photo Challenge Week 2

Just as I did during Advent (#SnapAdvent), I created a hashtag theme driven photo challenge on Instagram for Lent. This one is tied to the Walk in Her Sandals WINE Lenten Book Club.  I continue to be amazed at how people interpret the words into images.

Here are the Week Two #LentenWalk Challenge.  It is not too late to join – see the graphic at the bottom for details.  Each day find the corresponding theme aka #hashtag. Take a photo that illustrates how you are moved by each word.  Post on Instagram tagging me @reconciledtoyou and using #LentenWalk (so others can search out and love you pics too!)

One place you’ll never find #empty – Jesus always present

A Kiss from the #King:
The moment God surprises you with a blessing. It was in this chapel I found a friend praying -and we were able to share a special moment together!

I can not #wait to spend next Saturday on this retreat sharing encouragement on #forgiveness

When I start to fret about my health, the Lord sends me a blue butterfly to bring me comfort. These a #gift from a dear friend – and used to bring me comfort!


In 2007, my daughter’s parents had to make the agonizing decision to #abandon her in a hospital parking lot. We pray that the Lord has placed peace in their hearts, equal to the joy in ours!


Walk In Her Sandals Lenten Photo Challenge

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