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God does ‘Impossible Things’

Spend just a few minutes learning my story and you’ll know without a doubt that God truly does impossible things.  He mends the broken so they are able to forgivethe seemingly unforgiveable. Prepares the unqualified and anxious to be soldiers in his army.  Jesus worked miracles to allow the blind to see and lame to walk; today he continues to give sight, but now perhaps moreso to those who are spiritually blind.  Offering strength to walk in His ways to those stumbling due more to circumstance than physical ailment.  He raised Lazarus from death to life; and awakens our hearts to new life in him.

Close your eyes (after you hit play of course) and allow Sarah Kroger’s beautiful voice to transport us in this moment to a place in our hearts where we believe – that God can truly do Impossible Things.

God is Kinda in the Business of Impossible Things

Maybe I am overgeneralizing but I feel people don’t believe in miracles because of fear.  We are first afraid to ask for them, or we’ve asked but did not receive the expected response.  How much easier to not believe and rely on oneself; then to humble ourselves and rely on another.  Personally, I struggle to do that with the people I can see!  Am I really the only one who waits until my situation is impossible to reach out for help?  Just the thought of inconveniencing someone because I am unable to do something myself gives me hives – suppose it is partly pride and partly cultural upbringing.

Throw God into the mix and there is a whole new set of issues to navigate.  Aside from struggling to believe in His existence; there is the whole am I worthy to be helped and then hardest of all – ultimately accepting God’s Will.   The prophet Isaiah tells us, “God’s way are not our ways. His ways are far above ours.”  Meaning, that if we get past the ‘is he real’ and ‘are we worthy’, there is still the acceptance of what impossible outcome we seek may never happen because it is not in God’s plan for our us.  Though God only wills our good, we may not always see it that way!

Prayer is always answered just not always the way in which we’ve asked or desired – that doesn’t mean it was impossible for God.   I’ve seen way too many miracles and wonders in my life to be stuck in unbelief. The fact that I breathe should be proof enough that there is a God; but having witnessed birth, being matching me with the perfect for me kid 1/2 way around the word, and a life full of godcidences — I would be a fool not to have faith.

Hoseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend, PD (Pixabay)

Seeking Scripture…

Impossible Things inspired a deeper look at the following Scriptures.  I encourage you to click through the links; read the scripture and record how they inspire you to believe that God TRULY DOES do Impossible Things.  You can do so on your own or share in the comments section below.  PLEASE NOTE: I am giving you the links instead of the Scriptures in case your heart is moved by the spirit to delve deeper into the text around any of these verses:

God truly does Impossible Things!  What impossible thing do you need to ask of Him?  Do not be afraid – but believe as Sarah sings, that “nothing is beyond” God.

Have you been surprised by an impossible thing in your life?  Share your story in the comments below!

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