Novena for the Church – Day Six

For the Gift of Sacred Tradition

Heavenly Father, 

How grateful we are for the gift of the Catholic faith. Help us, we pray to recognize, no matter how tattered or torn the world may become, nor how broken we find the faithful, the Church you created to unify us will also persevere. Father, we beg for the grace not only for ourselves but for all, to all to embrace the beauty and hope the Catholic Faith has to offer. 

Lord, allow our hearts to encounter you in every sign of the cross, genuflect, and sprinkling of holy water. Open our hearts to a deeper relationship with the things of heaven as we study your Word, recite our prayers, and participate in the beautiful Liturgies of the Catholic Faith. Hold us close through the sacred traditions of Catholicism.

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Offer One Each:  Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be  

A Life Enriched by Sacred Tradition

A Snippet of Deanna Bartalini’s Sacred Tradition Post:

Do you hear the song, Tradition, from Fiddler on the Roof, when you think about tradition? I do! Tevya asks the question, “How do we keep our balance?” and then says, “I can tell you in one word, tradition!” I think as Catholics that’s how we keep our balance as well. We have many traditions that make up our faith, the important ones, the Traditions that all Catholics hold to be true and the other traditions that vary by time and place and interest.

Sacred Tradition is the living transmission of the entirety of revelation by the successors of the apostles under the guidance and protection of the Holy Spirit. As a Church, we consider Sacred Scripture and Tradition to be the “Deposit of Faith” through which God reveals himself and his will for us. Jesus Christ is the fullness of revelation. The last piece is the Magisterium, the teaching office of the Church, consisting of the Pope and bishops in communion with him, which through the power of the Holy Spirit guards and communicates the deposit of faith.

So now that we’ve gotten some terms and basic understanding down, what are the Traditions of the Church?

Optional For Today:  After reading Deanna’s blog, consider which traditions of the Catholic faith, particularly touch your heart. Practice those today, or for the next week, with greater reverence and awe.

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