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How I Really Feel about Fiction

Fiction is NOT my first choice when I have a moment to read.  Maybe the four years studying for my English degree are to blame; or maybe too many Harlequin Romances during my young adulthood soured my taste for fiction.  Yet … every now and then I am presented an opportunity to peer back into the world of romantic fiction to test if this disdain will has become a permanent state of mind.

This month, Carolyn Astfalk reached out to share her newest romance novel – Ornamental Graces.  This is my second experience with Carolyn’s beautiful writing – and I can say she is definitely challenging me to keep away from the genre.   Plus I am a serious sucker for Christmas Romance …

5 Reasons I Would Read Fiction

Usually during Advent and Christmas my only fictional romance comes from my addiction to the Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas.   Carolyn’s new book, Ornamental Graces, possessed 5 of my most sought hallmarks to good fiction:

  1. Characters that make you forget the story is the product of someone’s imagination!
  2. Characters and a plot that whisks you away, loses you in time and leaves you entertained yet lost in thought.  I am also partial to happy endings but no spoilers shall be given here!
  3. Since my entire life’s work focus on forgiveness and reconciliation, story lines that deftly illustrate the difficulty, blessing and healing surrounding that important aspect of being whole, always win my heart!  Ornamental Graces shines exceptionally well in this area!
  4. Leaves me with renewed hope for humanity  and the power of faith, hope & love!
  5. Lastly, I love me some good Catholic content.  Doesn’t need to be preachy or in my face, in fact I prefer that not be the case, however, when it is weaved into the moral and spiritual being of the characters – now we’re talking!​

Click HERE to read the first 2 chapters and see for yourself how wonderful Ornamental Graces truly is!

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Carolyn Astfalk

​Carolyn Astfalk lives with her husband and four children in Hershey, Pennsylvania, where the wind carries either the scent of chocolate or cow manure. She is a CatholicMom.com contributor and author of the contemporary inspirational romances Stay With Me (Full Quiver Publishing) and Ornamental Graces.