Family Rosary honored me by inviting me to write about Mary!! I’d like to share them with you!

Attending the School of Mary
Ten imitation-worthy virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary. A role model for today’s woman. Surprising to see how some things just never go out of style! 

Virtues of Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic

Expectant Hope of Easter
As if Jesus as our Lord and Savior wasn’t an amazing enough gift. Jesus then gives us Mary as our mother. What do you sit waiting for? Mary is an excellent companion.

Grace Catholic Ave Maria Blessed Mother

Fortified by Grace
Throughout history, encounters with Mary have led to unimaginable blessings and abundant fruits. My #SaintPosse grow exponentially after discovering these men and women whose lives changed, and faith grew, after spending some time with our Blessed Mother. She, full of grace, shows us the power of living a devout, Catholic life.

Advent Catholic Tradition Blog

Seeing Advent in a Different Light
Refusing to allow the heaviness of 2020 to damper my Advent JOY, I shared in this article for Holy Cross Family Ministries the blessings everyone can easily embrace – in any season! Staying positive as we prayerfully hope look toward a more connected 2021!