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Small Success #1

Held an incredible women’s retreat at my parish on Saturday. SEEKING THE PEACE OF FORGIVENESS! This was my first FREE retreat – after being convicted in prayer that charging was limiting who may be able to receive the message God was sharing through me and these retreats. While, of course collecting a fee for attending is necessary to cover the cost of food and hall rental, the Spirit was inspiring me a whole new level of trust.  Divine Providence is a real mystical part of the belief in God.  If you are going to trust God … then you need to TRUST GOD!  

God, as expected, did not let me down.  Over 60 women signed up to attend – many hearts were touched and healed during our morning together.  I made new friends, and got to reunion with old friends.  The Spirit came in a glorious way – and of course Divine Providence covered the costs of holding the retreat. While I did not walk away with my coffers overflowing – I received just what I needed.  More importantly, removing the barrier of an admissions fee, assured that others were able to receive JUST WHAT they needed too!!

Small Success #2 

Kevin and I, along with about 15 others from our Parish, completed this Do-It-Yourself 33 day retreat in preparation of Consecration to Jesus through Mary (Marian Consecration).  This was my 3rd renewal of the consecration – though I think this was the most prepared I’d ever been.  Most likely due to the fact that each week I had to prepare a short presentation for the group – as part of our facilitating the retreat at our parish.   It was a treat to prepare for it with some very old and dear friends, and to make some new ones as well (DO you see a fabulous pattern to my week!).  

This also coincided with my finishing another 54 day – Rosary Novena  – this one for Financial Stability.  I realize I still have lots to learn on how to best manage money; but feel I have grown leaps and bounds in the last 6 months.  The hope of this novena was more for a continued peace in my heart and perhaps renewed hope in what God is doing with us financially.  With a big amazing new project on the horizon, being able to make sound fiscal decisions; and maintain peace and stability is a VERY GOOD thing to pray for!  What I love about the 54 day novena is the 27 days of petition followed by the 27 days of thanksgiving – no greater act of trust than to THANK GOD AHEAD OF TIME (as on of my favorite in my Saint PosseVen. Solanus Casey, would famous for saying)!

Small Success #3

The theme this week seemed to be all about spending time with old friends; while making new ones!  Today I choose to share my A Seeking Heart August interview between Sarah Reinhard and I.  She’s the old friend — and coming next month you will meet some of my new friends; who are co-authors with me in a new book, co-edited by Sarah called:  The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion (Ave Maria Press) 

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