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Rapid Fire Small Success

  • Realized that St Luke used eyewitness accounts to craft his Gospel.  ONE of those very important interviewees – MARY, The Mother of Jesus.  When we read about the Annunciation, Nativity, Visitation, Wedding Feast — THESE are her stories.  HOW did I miss that all these years!!
  • Made it financially through November – bringing us LEAPS AND BOUNDS from last year!
  • After a very fun crowd source effort – I think I have FINALLY found a cure for my ezcema! The winners were – Recovery Skin Relief (recommended by my friend Rich, who owns Anawan Pharmacy in Rehoboth, MA — a new indepentently owned pharmacy!! That is a BIG success for him; but I digress.  His well-being is very imporant to me, in case you wonder why I am even mentioning him … seethis post & podcast).   I also picked up some Aragan Oil at Ocean State Job Lot that I put on at night with gloves; and am looking for some tea my doctor friend suggested!!  I’ve been battling this outbreak since JUNE – here’s hoping for some relief!! In the meantime, I am offering it up because I don’t believe in wasting a single moment of suffering!

Discovered a New Praise Song

Dana Catherine is crowdfunding her new album! Love what you hear and want to help a talented Christian artist out?   Visit DanaCatherineMusic for more information (and more awesome music)!

Kicked off another #SnapAdvent Photo Challenge!

Allison and Faith

#Day1 #Church #Faithy
The Family

#Day 3 #Family #Cousins
Christmas Tree

#Day2 #Tree #WeGoSuperSimple
House with Christmas Lights

#Day4 #Home #LightDisplay

You can participate on Instagram; Facebook or Twitter — click HERE to learn how to play along!! It is so much FUN!

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