How ironic that I write about today’s Gospel, which includes the words “stay awake” while on a red-eye flight from Boise, Idaho, back to the east coast. Sadly, following Jesus’ warning, at least while a passenger on that airplane, was not difficult, thanks to the noise and turbulence. In life, however, it is harder for me to stay awake, especially in the figurative sense, distracted by the continual din and busyness of the world around me. Even worse, allowing myself to fall asleep on maintaining a relationship with Jesus; forgetting the dire consequences Jesus warns will come upon those left unaware and unprepared for the Master’s imminent return.

Attentive to this warning, I strive to be the blessed servant who will be found doing what the Master directs. Even though I live with many fears and some anxiety, I go where the Lord sends me, hence the red-eye home from Boise after giving a retreat. Serving Him and the people He loves, bringing them the Good News and messages of hope, is worth every uncomfortable moment. I never want to waste the gifts God has graced me with, knowing these are mine because He willed each one for a particular purpose and according to His perfect plan. I am honored to be His hands and voice, though perhaps I enjoyed doing so just a tiny bit more during the two years my life and ministry work, for the most part, was virtual.

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