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  • Week One: Review from one of my heroes of faith – Melanie Rigney; Podcast visit with Lisa Hendey (Breadbox Media); and reviews from Amazon.
  • Week Three: Off the Shelf visit with Pete Socks (Catholic Book Blogger); Review Sara Estabrooks (To Jesus, Sincerely); more humbling and exciting thoughts from readers left on Amazon.

Extending the Gift of Invitation

On October 1st, after many years of prayer and planning the Stay Connected Journals for Catholic Women finally made their way into publication thanks to an amazing opportunity given to me by Gracewatch Media.  It has been a tremendous few weeks I’m provided more amazing opportunities to speak about the new books on radio and podcasts.  

I’ve also been blown away by the fellow bloggers and authors sharing the books, especially my offering, The Gift of Invitation, on their social media and blogs; as well as leaving awesome reviews on Amazon

Please Note: The Amazon reviews are so valuable in helping us reach other women who may be searching for an easy way to grow closer to Christ. The more reviews a book receives the higher it ranks in searches, and the more women who may see and be blessed by the Stay Connected Journals.

Here are some of last week’s highlights from the Stay Connected Journals launch!

Rave Amazon Reviews

Blog Reviews

Book Review from Chiara Finaldi: The Pearl of Great Price (in the UK)  … Kinda makes me feel like the #CoolKid

Chiara writes:

The daily struggles of life are many and we all bear crosses that sometimes seem to crush us and don’t always seem to give us any glimpse of the Resurrection, yet one can’t have a taste of that same Resurrection unless we go through the cross.

I grew up knowing that in order to develop a deeper relationship with Christ, in order to get to know the Father and to discover who I was, I had to grow closer and closer to the Scriptures. The Bible was not a collection of books retelling stories and events of the past but that among those pages not only would I find my own past but my present and my future as well. That Word was alive and active and brought life and straightforward answers (most of the time).

The other day, for instance, it was one of the many days of discomfort and difficulty I have been experiencing during this pregnancy… I was upset and I was complaining to God, telling him how I wished that I had that ideal mother living next door who would alleviate all my sorrows and would take over for just one day so that I could rest, and moaning that I wanted the ideal father would just turn up and provide for what I needed without me asking because he just knew what I was going through … As I started my Lectio Divina with my mothers’ group, God was quick to …  Read More

A Very Comfortable (and revealing) Conversation on the Girlfriends Podcast with Danielle Bean (Ascension) including me reviewing my worse parenting moment ever!

The Gift of Invitation includes a Chapter
on Learning to Trust Jesus

Snippet from the Show

It’s so easy for us to get wrapped up in jealousy … so I went to confession and the priest said, “At the core of that is your insecurity. You have to know how loved you are, how everything that is allowed in your life, God has his hands on. And that God loves you so much that he sent his son to die for you, and if you were the only person, he still would have died. And if he had to, just for you, he’d die again.” 


VISIT HERE to watch Caitlyn’s Wicked Awesome Video Review

Still awed by all the support the Stay Connected Journals for Catholic Women (GraceWatch.Media) has received already!! Stay Tuned for Week Three …