Inspired by a photo series in a recent Catholic TV magazine, I have asked a few of my Catholic Blogger friends to share some of the treasures of the Catholic faith. Although I was born into a Catholic family, discovering the true gift it is and all it has to offer, did not come until much later in my life.

After a year of marriage, realizing we were miserable and nothing
(careers, partying, shopping) pulled us from that pit, we decided to try returning to our Catholic faith. In the nearly 30 years since making that (brilliant, really) decision, we have learned so much about the Catholic Church and the beautiful faith it professes.

Truly a treasure trove of graces we had somehow missed learning or understanding about as children in religious education classes. I consider myself incredibly blessed to uncover the abundance of grace, guidance, and traditions offered through the Catholic Church.

Sharing Their Treasures:

Julia Miller, founder and creator of the most breath-taking and unique
live-rose Rosaries,
discusses the gift of – you guessed it – the Rosary.
Kim Cook, Catholic author, blogger, and podcaster
shares thoughts on the many mysteries and innuendos
present in Catholic Sacred Art.
Monica McConkey, author, blogger, and Catholic resource provider extraordinaire, shares about the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
Maria Cecilia, from Hair Bows 4 Life and the Might Precious Feet program, and so well named to share the beauty of sacred music.
Emily Ricci, a self-proclaimed Bible Nerd, and president of Gloriam Marketing encourages Catholics to open the Sacred Scripture
My Fellow Stay Connected Author, Deanna Bartalini takes on Sacred Tradition
Carissa dives into the Divine Office (Liturgy of the Hours), which as she puts it, offers a deep connection to the heart of the Church.
Anni Harry, military spouse and inspiring blogger, provides the reader an eye-opening overview of the efficacious grace of the Sacraments
Sara Estabrooks, blogger and (soon to be) author of the next Stay Connected Journal (2020) shares her profound experiences with Eucharistic Adoration

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