“Wise men still seek him” is calligraphed across an ornament adorning my Christmas tree. The weighty, frosted glass ornament came as a gift, just months into my journey of seeking to know Jesus better (after years of avoiding him). I was nudged on this journey by an unexpected invitation to join a small group of women forming a Bible study. Reading the Bible was a foreign concept to me. I chuckled and asked, “Do Catholics read the Bible?”

Happily, I quickly learned that yes, Catholics do study the Scriptures. The entire Catholic Mass is steeped in the Word of God. What an incredible blessing this simple act of accepting an invitation to seek someone I knew so little about would be in transforming my faith.

A star motivated the magi to seek, an unexplainable nudge to follow its guiding light. Not only would this star illuminate their physical path, but this heavenly sign would pull these non-believers towards the Radiant Light, enlightening their spiritual path. The magi’s visit — along with the Annunciation, the visit of the shepherds, and the work of John the Baptist — methodically revealed to the world Jesus as priest, prophet, and king. God’s thoughtful, meticulous, life-giving actions in sending His firstborn Son to build His kingdom stands in staunch comparison to Herod’s quick, selfish decision to slaughter the firstborn sons of his kingdom.

And where were they led? 

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