#SnapAdvent – 2018 Advent Photo-Challenge
December 1, 2018
Allison Gingras
Advent Photo Challenge #SnapAdvent


#SnapAdvent 2018

It is the most wonderful time of the year.  #SnapAdvent 2018 Photo Challenge launches once again … because I FIND IT so darn fun!! It is a fun, easy, and entertaining way to remind us to keep Christ in Christmas; we begin another season on December 2, 2018.


Save the #SnapAdvent Graphic – and snap a photo according to the day’s theme (you can find these next to each accompanying Advent date indicated as a hashtag).

Then hashtag #SnapAdvent and the theme you are sharing – it is OK if you do multiple days at a time – it is the holidays we WILL all have a day or 2 that we fall behind! DON’T forget to tag me @reconciledtoyou !  You can also tag my partner in creating the original #SnapAdvent:  Laure Lynch @lynchlm

Also on Twitter & Facebook:

Not on Instagram but still want to participate?  Or perhaps just want to post in multiple places – I know I will be.  DON’T Forget to tag me @reconciledtoyou (on all social media platforms)  and include #SnapAdvent and the photo’s corresponding hashtag.


You can you either of these #SnapAdvent graphics to post you are participating.

Visiting Advent Pasts

#SnapAdvent began over 3 years ago.  I have adjusted the themes over the years.  I love the challenge of being unique and creative with my photos.  Here is a peek at some of my snaps from previous Advents:



Scripture Addition:

**In 2016, butterbeesandbumbleflies.com aka Christy @cdhinnant61108  added a phenomenal new layer to #SnapAdvent with her scripture printables: CHECK THOSE OUT HERE … or feel free to share a Scripture connection of your own!

I can’t wait to see all the amazing images shared by you that will deepen our Advent reflections AND the true meaning of this season!! 




  1. Sara

    I know I’m really bad at keeping up with these photo challenges but I at least want to try to get a few days in! Thanks for organizing this again, Allison!

    • Allison Gingras

      I don’t keep track. I AM happy to have you join whenever you can.

  2. Fouad

    This is such a great idea! I need to post to Instagram more often!

  3. Lexie

    This sounds like so much fun! I’ll definitely try to get involved.

  4. Cecilia Escobedo

    Oh, this looks like lots of fun! Love seeing the pictures!


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