#WorthRevisit Blessings from Giving it All to Jesus Through Mary
July 11, 2018
Allison Gingras

Blessings of Marian Consecration

What is Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary

Saint Louis de Montfort (1673-1716), True Devotion to Mary, explained total consecration to Jesus through Mary as “the surest, easiest, and most perfect means” to becoming a saint. Long an enthusiastic promoter for Marian consecration.”

One of my Favorite Consecration Resources

Fr. Michael [Gaitley] says his book updates and modifies the 33-day regimen typically followed to prepare for such a blessing — the de Montfort Fathers’ esteemed Preparation for Total Consecration.

“Updated, because since St. Louis de Montfort’s death there have been even more insights into Marian consecration by great contemporary saints of Marian consecration, namely St. Maximilian Kolbe, Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and Blessed John Paul II,” says Fr. Michael. “So it’s an updated version of the consecration preparation, because it includes these other three Marian giants who have most dramatically added to the beauty and richness of consecration spirituality.”

Also, instead of what can seem like a “33-day marathon” of litanies and prayer, Fr. Michael’s book prescribes 33 days of “spiritual reading and prayerful pondering.”  ~ from A New Day Dawns for Marian Consecration

2018 Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary
Begins Friday, July 13th

This year I will be hosting the Consecration online (here) and on my Reconciled To You / Allison Gingras Facebook Page.  I hope you will follow along. While the majority of what I share will come from the 33 Days to Morning Glory book; there are other books that are just as wonderful for taking this journey.  I have used all of the three fabulous books listed below.

There is even an awesome Total Consecration APP — I have used it as well!

Disclaimer:  These are affiliate links, meaning I get a little commission but it costs you nothing extra.

Revisiting LAST YEAR’S Marian Devotion

This is actually a 5th renewal of my original Consecration to Jesus through Mary made with my parish, using 33 Days to Morning Glory by Fr. Michael Gaitley, in 2013.

The first wonderful blessing of this particular Marian Consecration was receiving a new book from Sophia Institute Press with which to make this journey with.  Disclaimer: I was sent the book from Sophia for a fair and honest review.  I will allow the fact that I went ahead an purchased a copy as a gift and my hubby downloaded the eBook on his Kindle (meaning we bought the book AGAIN), as evidence to how I felt about Fr. Ed Broom’s Total Consecration through the Mysteries of the Rosary (see above).



Hold Onto Your Hat for the Abundant Blessings

The next blessing came when I convinced (strong armed with guilt and kindness) a newly minted Deacon, a dear friend and my hubby, to Consecrate themselves along with me!  We’d meet once a week on Sunday afternoons and it quickly became my favorite part of the Summer!

Another favorite came from my decision to add more Eucharistic encounters to my 33 day preparation; attending many more Masses than usual as well as adding on a few extra Adoration hours!   I discovered a rush of grace flowed from these sweet moments with my Lord.  It helped tremendously with bringing peace during some struggles, losses and strains experienced this Summer.

​Is Your Life not More than Food

Life with extreme dyshidrotic eczema (aka hand and sole eczema) continues in full swing!  For the past year my hands swell, crack, hurt like the dickens, and molt like a snake.  It has been incredibly humbling!  In an effort to narrow down the root cause of this fun filled illness – I started to keep a food log.   After hours of playing detective on the Internet, I removed all Sulfur-rich foods from my diet; along with already have eliminated Gluten and Dairy (which were originally eliminated for other successfully treating some other health issues).

2018 Update:  Recently uncovered a condition called, Leaky Gut.  I have begun the steps to heal my gut; and am hopeful that the blessing of healing began last summer as I began the journey of food elimination will be complete this year!

While entering my thoughts from my reading each day, I also kept a food log.  This may seem completely unrelated, however, the blessing came in finally having the grace to fast from some of my favorite foods and beverages.  The list sadly and surprisingly included peanut butter, WINE (this is the saddest one to be honest), eggs, even watermelon and pineapple!!   The fast became the center of my sacrifice and offering for this consecration – and the blessings magnified from there.  Including learning about the 16:8 Intermittent Fast (more on this soon), which I have adopted as my new way of consuming calories each day.

Personal Blessings

During the 33 day preparation, I learned a lot about myself. Those sins that still trip me up – HELLO Envy!  The fears I continue to harbor – God are you real?  The gifts I have to share – TALK much (hee hee).   Growth in life and in faith both require an inward turning now and then to see where we are at and determine where we want (or are being called) to go.   Fr. Broom’s daily reflections challenged me, inspired me and never ever disappointed me.   I particularly enjoyed the  “Do This Now” portion of each chapter as I am a sucker for Spiritual Reading HOMEWORK!Aside from the fact that I will absolutely never pray the Rosary the same again after mediating for 5 weeks on the mysteries in light of this Consecration, I am also overjoyed to have a reminder of the 7 Sorrows of Mary.  Somewhere in my ‘cool Catholic stuff’ drawer is a special 7 decade long Rosary on which to pray the Sorrows. I am on hunt for it –  St. Anthony, St. Anthony – I am open for your assistance!

The illustrations were also conducive to meditation and reflection.  Next time I use Fr. Broom’s book to renew my Consecration, I am also going to COLOR each illustration as I ponder the daily readings or conduct my colloquy!!

For more blessings … yes, it was that POWERFUL click here!

Worth the Revisit



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