#WorthRevisit CWBN Hop Question – Why Blog?
October 25, 2017
Allison Gingras

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I REALLY dislike the Word – BLOG

 In 2009, as my heart was being transformed in ways I had never dreamed through a ‘reversion’ to the Catholic Church; so was my desire to share that joy with others. Although blogging was already a thing in 2009, my pure disdain for the word kept me from launching my own until April 2012.

Why this change of heart?  I saw the potential for engagement with others seeking to know Christ and deepen their faith.  I also recognized how powerfully moved one could be when reading about the spiritual journey of others, particularly as it related to their every day ordinary life.   My first post (see below) was short and sweet, no images and no hyperlinks. As my kids would say, I was a real newb.

NEW To Reconciled to You — a blog about Living the Sacraments in our daily lives.  This blog will cover reflections on actual sacramental events and the occasional informative post on the Sacraments themselves.   These blog entries will come not just from me, but from various sources – since we all make up the body of Christ, it makes only sense that I span out to bring you the broadest picture of Life in the Sacraments.  

***Want to guest blog?  Email me your proposed blog entry and if it meets the criteria of this forum, I will happily post it to this Blog!!  Along with a beautiful picture of your face, and a link to your own website or social media outlet!! ****

How Times Change

Five years later, and I AM amazed at how the ministry and my blog has evolved.  The Lord has opened up so many doors – starting in June of 2012, with an opportunity to write for Catholicmom.com.  This allowed me to share my love of the Catholic faith, my family and writing with even more people like me searching to find God among the hustle and bustle.

My blog has grown to include:

  • An incredible Wednesday link up #WorthRevisit – launched to give new life to old long forgotten yet beloved blog posts.  A brilliant solution to Elizabeth Reardon and I trying to figure out how to add another day of content without actually having to THINK!
  • Lots of fabulous guest bloggers. One of my favorite collaboration was the #MusicThatMoves series.
  • The newest addition – the Catholic Women Bloggers Network Blog Hop – for which this blog post is being written.  Each month we share a new theme or topic – you can find there AWESOME entries by clicking HERE!
  • Guess that brings me to another reason for blogging:  COMMUNITY!
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Click Above to be Introduced to Many Other Amazing Catholic Bloggers

Hate the Word, but LOVE the Action

While I still dislike the word – BLOG (bleck).  I have come to absolutely adore blogging.  The ability to share how the Holy Spirit continues to inspire me in my prayer life; participation in the Sacraments and through my exploration of Scripture – is such an amazing gift!   In addition, the wonderful people God has introduced to me through this and the other blogs I’ve been blessed to contribute to – has made putting up with this stupid word – absolutely WORTH IT!!  I guess, I can’t deny what is in my heart – The Blog Life is definitely for me!

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