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Where Does My Hope Come From

How often do I say “I hope” in a day? I hope Kevin gets overtime; I hope Ian gets home safe; I hope these jeans zip (that last one is probably the most used!).  The word ‘hope’ has become almost as over and misused as ‘love’!   Though I really do love squirrels, popcorn and lazy Saturday afternoons!

Is hope merely a wish that comes true or a prayer that is answered?  According to Pope Francis. “It is not easy to understand what hope is,” he [Pope Francis] reflected, emphasizing that out of the virtues of faith hope and love, hope is often said to be the most humble because it “hides itself in life” (CNA report Oct 29, 2013).  While as creatures of this world, it is necessary at times to hope in opportunities for extra income or pants in which I can still breathe – that is not the most important idea of hope I am to have. Our hope is best placed in Christ  – but like every other ingredient we’ve discussed in this summer series – there is that struggle between what my head knows and my heart forgets.  My heart likes to worry – she is bff’s with anxiety and fret!   Placing my hope in the unseen, quite frankly is hard.

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The Blessing of Hindsight in Hope

Personally, when I am attempting to hope in Christ, it is hindsight I turn to for encouragement.  My memory can be selective when it comes to matters of faith.  How does Christ ‘build and rebuild; in my life?   From childhood difficulties, Jesus has restored me to not only be healed but to forgive those who hurt me. How can I hold a grudge, when I look upon the cross.

​“Hope is what Mary, Mother of God, sheltered in her heart during the darkest time of her life: from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning.” “That is hope: she had it. And that hope has renewed everything. May God grant us that grace.” ~ Pope Francis

The relationship that has needed the most rebuilding has been mine with Christ.  For years, I went about my life  – with starts and stops – letting Him in; and then walking away.  Each time, my hope has been restored in the most mystical and amazing ways – and my faith continues to grow stronger.

Hope is definitely the topping on the cake or ice cream – though this gluten/dairy free girl can have neither (but I digress)!  Hope is a grace; and each time I allow the hope of Christ to live within me – I experience a deeper conversion.  It definitely takes courage to hope in an unseen God; but when I do the JOY is beyond compare! My greatest hope is in the mercy given to me again and again; especially in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  In the confessional, I am healed and renewed; in there I am reminded of the hope being eternal minded gives me.

Now Jesus… about these pants?

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