A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras aired on BreadBox Media for 2 years.  Each week I would feature a new book and fabulous Catholic author.  I met the most amazing people!  Additionally, these tomes helped me grow in ways  I could have never predicted – spiritually, emotionally, even physically!

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“More than any single factor in my life, belonging to Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church has had the greatest impact on me. Faith gives meaning to everything in my life.”
~ Pat Gohn

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Whether we have to lose a hundred pounds or ten pounds, our self-worth should not — cannot — hang on a number or a diet plan. It has to be rooted in something deeper, something true, if we can ever hope to put a stop to these endless efforts to mold ourselves into someone else’s image of beauty or health or perfection. ~ Mary DeTurris Poust

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This interview rocked my world – it was that amazing!
IT WAS just what I needed at that moment in my life.
I pray you find something within our discussion
that is just what you need!
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Through 30 daily reflections, you can gradually find your way back to a place of serenity and renewed energy. Wicks draws on the wisdom and insight of great teachers and healers throughout the ages, as well as the wealth of insight from the Scriptures to show how a renewed spiritual life can bring you to a place of psychological strength.
~ Franciscan Media book description

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