Mary Statue Praying

A Faith in the Impossible

 Perhaps this a bit arrogant and some may even argue impossible, but I want the kind of faith that the Blessed Mother had.  The faith that believed with her whole heart that nothing is impossible for God.  I long to be that person of whom it is said, when all hope seemed lost, they never gave up believing God could.

A Seemingly Crazy Idea

​The Blessed Virgin Mary  was presented when one of the most seemingly impossible plans was delivered by the Angel Gabriel.  Mary would conceive a child, the Son of God, without ever ‘knowing’ man.  She didn’t doubt GOD COULD do it, but how it would be done – completely accepting this unfathomable annunciation. That is the faith that I long for.

Trusting in God’s Providence

Trusting herself and her Son, to the care and protection of the man God called to be her husband, Joseph.  When awoken in the middle of the night with news they were fleeing to Egypt – although she must have had concerns about practical things (food, money, shelter), she put her life in God’s hands to provide all her (and her family’s) needs.   

Without the benefit of the internet to secure lodging, jobs, even MapQuest their journey, she submitted herself completely to the sovereign Lord, believing HE COULD do all things, even what seemed as impossible as relocating a family to another country overnight.   

Compounded by the many dangers –  a jealous king, animals of the desert, and all sorts of evil that lurks in the dark, barren land.  That faith that believes the promise of I am always with you, so do not be afraid.

Our Lady of Fatima statue with a candle

Never Losing Hope

​Did she ever lose hope, even after three days that they would find Jesus? How much human emotion does grace cover?  Retracing their steps with Joseph by her side, did she fear the worse had happened, or held onto the hope that Heaven’s angels were standing watch over her precious Son? 

What was Mary’s response to what must have seemed at moments like finding a needle in a haystack – three days must have felt like an eternity – her response was certainly prayer.  For only GOD COULD keep peace in her heart and hope alive.  Mary asked Jesus why he had done this, how many times have I asked Jesus the same question – I want the faith that ponders His response and keeps it in their heart. 

Truly the most impossible that she had to trust God to transform into a possible, was the outcome apparent for her Son as he hung upon the Cross.  That faith that never waivers from knowing God has a plan and while HE COULD change it to fit the one we implore from our hearts, in the end it will be the one that is according to His plan and which is always for our good. In those three years as Jesus’ disciple, did she comprehend what He had been trying to reveal to the Apostles? 

​Did grace illuminate the truth of Jesus’ mission – what would be His Passion, Death and Resurrection?  As a Mother, did the sorrow, even if she understood the joy that was to come, overwhelm her at times – COULD she really process the impossible truth that this crucifixion would not end in death.   That is the faith I want, the faith that holds her dead Son in her arms, but doesn’t doubt the love God has for her, that when all seems lost believes with her whole heart, it is not. 

The faith that never ever stops believing that NOTHING is Impossible for God.  Nothing. 

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