Writing Your Song of Praise

Mary’s Magnificat & Songs of Praise

 In 2014, I journeyed through Advent with The Living Gospel: Daily Devotions for Advent 2014, by R. Scott Hurd. 
I cleverly called the series, ADVENTures with Allison – catchy right! One of the reflections was titled, “Music to My Ears” and began as follows:

“Today’s gospel (Luke 1:46-56 aka The Magnificat) presents to us what we might consider to be the first Christmas song, Mary’s Magnificat…her song is about what God the Father has done for all of humanity.”  This got me thinking about God has done for me, not only throughout my life, but even in just the last few months.

A list of accomplishments and blessings from 2014 followed (you can read the original list here). However, I thought today’s Worth Revisit post warranted an updated list, as the Lord continues to pour out his blessings upon me and my family.  ​

Here is my 2016 song of thanksgiving:

  • My husband, Kevin, continued formation in our Diocese Diaconate program
  • My oldest son, Ian triumphs from struggles of a year ago and the incredible blessing of living a dream to roadtrip across the entire United States over the Summer
  • The Middle Kid, Adam fulfilling a dream to be part of a Christian Praise and Worship band playing with a local LifeTeen band; and continuing to amass musical abilities now proficiently playing drums, piano, bass and guitar!
  • Faithy gaining two years academically in the course of one! Along with an explosion of language and expression of her thoughts and feelings. What a blessing to continue to learn who she is and what is on her heart!
  • For what God has done for me especially through the ministry – A Seeking Heart on Breadbox Media entering into its 3rd season; published as a contributing author in the Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion; but most importantly continuing to grow in love and relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Amen!

What Blessings Would Be included in Yours?  *Share Below

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