Even the Littlest of Grace can Heal Us

The Gospel according to Mark: Mark 7:24-30

The scraps are enough to heal us. The very least that Jesus has to give us could transform our lives.

Imagine if we embraced even a tiny bit of the blessings and graces that Jesus has to offer us — how would our lives be? The gifts available from heaven are abundant, so we do not need to settle for the crumbs.  If we were to allowed ourselves to dine upon those crumbs; we’d still be filled.

Our lives would not be perfect or free from worry, concern, or pain but there would be an inner peace and hope that can only come from heavenly things.

Persistence in Prayer

The woman came to Jesus prepared to be persistent, humble, and assured. She was persistent, clearly evident by her willingness to beg for satisfaction. Humble enough to address Him as Lord and take whatever scraps were offered. Confident in what He said was done had truly been done because she left for home at His command.

When was the last time I approached Jesus in that way – begging for some assistance, humbled by His majesty and glory, and yet completely sure that I would in some way receive a blessing – either the one I thought I needed or the one He knew I needed?

Dog Resting

Even the crumbs that fall from the table of grace are enough to sustain us.

Pondering the Word of God

What is holding me back from being fed by Jesus? Do I feel unworthy of even the crumbs from His table? How can the woman’s example not only encourage me but also instruct me, to approach Jesus for help?

Share your thoughts in the comments below. No really, I would love to know how your heart was touched by this Gospel reading.

Prayer to Conclude this Gospel Reflection

Jesus, I believe that you have so much more to offer me than I am ever able to accept. Lord I thank you for calling me to your banquet, and whether I put myself at the table for the feast or at your feet for the crumbs, help me to be always assured I will never be without your blessing and grace

Originally Published on Catholicmom.com 2014 , Allison Gingras

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