Don't Give Up Social Media for Lent


It is Important to Stay Online … at least a Little

Really. Please don’t leave Social Media for Lent.  I understand that many people use this hiatus to spend time working on their own personal spiritual growth; and I can completely respect that HOWEVER…. please don’t completelydisappear for the 40 days for Lent when social media needs you the most.  Okay, I’ve always had a flair for the dramatic but here’s why I am begging you to stay:

​’Tis the Season

Lent is a season when many people make a resolution to investigate or rejuvenate a faith life. The internet just happens to be a place many people will turn for guidance and even perhaps seek a community to take the journey with.  So, what happens when those who are most likely to post something faith based, could possibly answer questions or would be open to connect as community make a mass exodus off social media during Lent?? There is a risk for missed opportunity to evangelize, catechize and support those seeking meaning through an experience with Christ this Lent.

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If You Simply Must Leave Social Media for Lent

Some alternatives to consider if you still feel called to follow a social media blackout:

  • IF you simply must log off for Lent – here’s a fun fact: Sundays are your ‘get out of Lenten sacrifice free’ card. You are not bound to your Lenten promises on Sundays. So take advantage of this day of reprieve and log on and share and connect!
  • Choose to reduce the amount of time on social media. Cut back not out.
  • Tithe a portion of your social media engagement to sharing scripture, Christian music or Pope videos, saint quotes, or even funny Catholic memes.
  • Consider the use of a Social Media Scheduler to share your posts throughout Lent.  Remember: You can log on and set them up on Sunday.


Wine Book Club for Lent


How I Am Spending my 2018 LENT

​This year WINE: Women In the The Evangelization is once again journeying through Lent with the one of a kind Lenten themed Book: Walk in Her Sandals: Experiencing Christ’s Passion through the Eyes of Women.  Like the movie, Groundhog Day, we are repeating our actions to learn more and more each time.  After a year of praying, studying, and even just living, we are not the same person as in 2017. I am excited to see all the God has done in my life as I once again reflect on my personal journey with Christ through the eyes of not only the women in Walk in Her Sandals, but the ladies on the virtual with me.

MORE on the Book
You’ve never read a book like this before:

It’s part Bible study, part reflection on women’s special gifts, part prayer and discussion guide . . . all tied together with a fabulous biblical historical mini-novel about women living through the events of Jesus’s passion, death, and resurrection. Reading it will draw you into the experience of Lent in an entirely new way. It will deepen your relationship with Jesus. It will lead you to contemplate your own gifts in light of his work. And it will encourage you to step out into the new year refreshed and empowered to follow the Lord.

CLICK HERE:  To Join the WINE LENTEN BOOK CLUB … including exclusive WINE Lenten email; WINE Enthusiast resources, and to WINE Walk in Her Sandals book and journal bundle. ON Facebook – Search for the WINE Lenten Book Club and join our growing community.   We’ll be sharing quotes, video, photo challenges and so much more!  It is my GREAT honor to be once again facilitating the online component of this awesome Lenten Book Club!!

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