#WorthRevisit Signs from God Just Coincidence?
July 18, 2018
Allison Gingras
July 18, 2018
Allison Gingras

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Coincidences are Fun, Godcidences are Better

​First published on ReconciledToYou.com in 2014 (unedited version):

Sometimes God and I have private jokes.  So perhaps I will be the only one who finds this funny – but truly God has the greatest sense of humor.  Well at least I get His jokes!

New Year’s Eve, I am in the kitchen baking Snickerdoodles – partly for our snack that evening and partly to finally complete my Christmas gifts.  I was elbow deep in flour – doubling a recipe which required this fraction challenged gal to count carefully how many cups I was adding.  Cue My Kids.  In comes not one but TWO of my lovely children – I can honestly say I have no idea what they wanted, I just know they definitely distracted me (always a dangerous thing!).   My children always know exactly when to materialize for the maximum impact!! Such as if I’m on the phone, in the bathroom, trying to take a nap or… meticulously focusing on ingredients in a cookie recipe.   

After mixing, rolling them into balls and tossing them in cinnamon/sugar, and baking – out of the oven my cookies come and they are as FLAT AS A PANCAKE. Which would have been great if I were making flapjacks but nope these are suppose to be puffed up and yummy cookies.  HAPPILY they were still yummy, and my only possible explanation to the lack of ‘oompf’ in the final product – I must have miscounted the flour.  I grab a few wavers (aka warm Snickerdoodles) and head to my computer to check Facebook.  I find this blog post from Jennifer Fulwiler inviting me to try a very cool Saint Generator which along with the Holy Spirit chooses a saintly companion for 2014…  I click FIND A SAINT FOR ME… and  **poof**

St. Honorius of Amiens
Feast: May 16

Patronage: Against Drought; Bakers; Bakers of Holy Wafers; Cake Makers; Candlemakers; Chandlers; Confectioners; Corn Chandlers; Florists; Flour Merchants; Oil Refiners; Pastry Chefs

Baa haa haa, GOOD one God!!!

For more on St. Honorius:

2018 Addendum

Godcidence is those things in the world that everyone sees as a coincidence, but you see that it is another instance of God at work in your life.

This morning, as I fought another bought of hypochondria,  the Lord once again sent me a blue butterfly to ease my fears.  Why is this a godcidence, because the circumstances that brought me to see this butterfly, could have only been orchestrated by God.

The quick version of how I found it:

I randomly decided to look at my work Instagram.  There was a comment on one of my posts. I believe in always responding to people taking the time to share some love on your photos.  I see a wing in the photo, and wonder, is that a butterfly. I have to do some logging on and searching to finally get to this women’s Instagram page. It wasn’t a butterfly I discover.  It is an eagle (hello, 50! lol).  Just before I log off, fine that the Lord just wants me to trust but still a little disappointed we couldn’t just shut my anxiety off with a little sign, I see it — she has only 6 photos on her account, and tucked in the corner of one was a blue butterfly.

Then came this thought later in the morning as I contemplated the sending and receiving of signs.  I seem to be rather blessed in seeing them more than others. I am not special, so God must send these to all of us?  We debated in bible study Monday if the Lord spoils me because I am strong in my faith or weak; I argued the latter because well I know the truth.

My ah-ha moment this morning, I did not pick the butterfly as a sign. I just recognized it was.  The first time didn’t come as I sought or even expected such things. I was in prayer during a very long wait for my little girl to come into our family from China. I just knew that this butterfly, and many many to come following was a gift from God to remind me He is never far from me.  He is never far from any of us.

The Scriptures tell us, “Believing you will receive” (Matthew 21:22).   Today, I invite you to believe, don’t over-analyze what you see, smile and allow God to show you His glory, His presence, and His amazing love for you!!

All Rights Reserved, Allison Gingras 2018
​Images: Pixabay.com

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