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  • Week Two: Review from England; Podcast visit with Danielle Bean (Girlfriends); and Some Remarkable Feedback on Amazon
  • Week Three: Off the Shelf visit with Pete Socks (Catholic Book Blogger); Review Sara Estabrooks (To Jesus, Sincerely); more humbling and exciting thoughts from readers left on Amazon.
  • Week Four: A Book Review by Sarah Christmyer

The Dream Becomes a Reality

After three years of praying, planning, and of course, writing, the Stay Connected Journals for Catholic Women are finally here!

Last week The Gift of Invitation (by ME!!), Invite the Holy Spirit Into Your Life (by Deanna G. Bartalini), and Exploring the Catholic Classics (by Tiffany Walsh), all launched … here are some of the social media highlights.

Reviews and Interviews

Melanie Rigney and I meeting “In Real Life” at a WINE: Women in the New Evangelization Conference in Minnesota, 2016!! Yes, I really am that short 😉 

On the Nightstand: The Gift of Invitation

A review by Catholic author, Melanie Rigney

The tug at my friend Allison Gingras’ heart to put together a series of guided journals for women began more than two years ago (and I have the emails to prove that!). It wasn’t like Allison didn’t already have plenty on her plate, with her family; her blog, Reconciled to You, and podcast, A Seeking Heart; and her work with WINE: Women in the New Evangelization.

But you may notice a commonality in Allison’s ministries: she has a call to bring women closer to the Lord and to help them believe in His love. It’s just so fun to hold in my hands the first fruits of that mission the Lord had placed on her heart.

The Gift of Invitation: 7 Ways Jesus Invites You to a Life of Grace has seven meaty chapters, each with prayers, reflections, Scripture for study, and what I think is going to be my favorite part, an invitation to share. 

READ MORE of Melanie Rigney‘s kind words about The Gift of Invitation (and check out her awesome blog) …

Iowa Catholic Radio: Catholic Women Now

The World’s Most Gracious Women and (whether she knows it or not) My Mentor: Lisa Hendey

Lisa Hendey & Friends (BreadBox Media) Podcast Interview 


from Limes and Lunges (Caitlyn Anderson)

Let me start by sharing that my husband is a very patient man when it comes to my love for ordering Catholic books! I have something new showing up in pretty Amazon packaging at least once a month, if not more. He didn’t even bat an eye when my Stay Connected journal showed up this past week!

I’ll admit, I had kinda already read the journal before it was available in print. I had the privilege of getting a sneak peak to do a promotional video for Catholics Online. But that should say something for how much I loved it! I just HAD to have it in fancy print.


VISIT HERE to watch Caitlyn’s Video Review

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Worth the Revisit

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