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5 Means for Acquiring the Love of God


During his lifetime, Blessed Father Solanus Casey‘s penned a list of Means for Acquiring the Love of God. The following is this perfectly imperfect mom’s reflection on embracing these in my everyday life:

Detachment of oneself from earthly affections. Singleness of purpose.

  • Although most moms are queens of multitasking – when it comes to acquiring the love of God, think “get the family to Mass (at least once this month) on time” laser-like focus!

Meditation on the Passion of Jesus Christ.

  • How many times have I spouted my laundry list of all I have done for my kids especially when asking their cooperation or seeking to garner a little good behavior. My list may be filled with countless, self-less acts done with great love, but none come even close to a crucifixion or opening the gateway to heaven!

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Humble Obedience’s Great Reward

Uniformity with the Divine Will.

  • Jesus, I trust in you and the Father’s plan for my life – as long it is the same plan I have for my life. The wheels start to fall off the minivan when as the prophet Isaiah says, “my (God’s) ways are not your ways”; and I need to keep reminding myself, “God’s ways are HIGHER than mine” (because HE is God and I am not!); and these plans not matter how much anxiety they may want to produce in my heart; are always for my good. Though this would all be easier if you just did it my way. Just sayin’.

Mental Prayer – meditation and contemplation.

  • Prayer is a conversation with God.  There is always a dialog running through my head – what is happening now? What do I need to do next?  How did that possibly get stuck on that?  When would be the best time to explain this or that to my husband.  If I turn all my inner chats with myself into a heavenward conversations; then not only am I removing the whole weirdness of talking to myself but now I have also opened my heart and mind to the advice and guidance possible.  First through my guardian angel who not only protects but also enlightens, rules and guides.  Additionally I can turn to the Blessed Mother, as well as all the Saints and saints, for intercession to grow closer to God. Who better to help me acquire the love of God than those most close to him.  Dishes, laundry and driving to the supermarket WILL never be the same experience again!

Prayer – “Ask and it shall be given to you.”

  • What delight I take, a mere fairly flawed mortal being, in giving my loved ones good gifts. Christmas, birthdays or a random “I saw this and thought of you” present are all such a joy to give. It is even more joyous when I know the recipient has long desired this item or opportunity; and has been patiently (or impatiently) waiting for it. Don’t be afraid to ask God for what you need or even what you want.  There is no one more generous than God; and thankfully our prayers are not like wishes to a genie – we get infinitely more than 3!

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