AD/HD Anxiety Connection

Ad/hd as an Asset

My Ad/hd went diagnosed throughout my childhood and young adulthood.  Unfortunately, that resulted in some major self-esteem issues and prolonged (and I truly believe unnecessary) suffering with co-existing conditions such as anxiety and depression.

The realization that I was blessed [and after many years of learning and living with Ad/hd I can call it a blessing] with Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder came in my early thirties when I was a young mother and an Early Childhood educator. My oldest was showing signs of attention deficit (along with some  behavior struggles) so I began researching to learn more about these possible signs and symptoms.  I started with the book, Driven to Distraction by Ed Hallowell, in audio version on cassette from the library.

Clue number one this research and discovery was not going to be just about my son should have been my reliance on audio books to stay focused and complete a book. Reading has always been one of my biggest challenges. 

I will  never forget having to pull over and rewind the cassette to re-listen to Dr. Hallowell list the 15 possible symptoms of Ad/hd.  I took out a scrap piece of paper from my purse and counted up, not my son’s symptoms, but mine!   At that time, I could identify presently displaying or having displayed 13 of the 15!  I was shocked.  Believe it or not, it had never even crossed my mind that I had Ad/hd.  That is the day I became an expert, literally*

[*I spent years teaching child care providers, teachers and parents how to work with children with Ad/hd.  I also offered workshops for managing ad/hd for adults].

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The Anxiety Connection

One of the most interesting aspects of Ad/hd that I discovered during my research was it rarely stands alone, there is almost always another co-existing (also called co-morbid) condition.  In my case, the predominant co-morbid condition is anxiety.  I am a world champion Worry-Wart .  I have also had to wrestle with bouts of depression as well.

While the depression has gratefully ceased, the anxiety continues.  In fact, I believe with the onset of menopause, it has become an ever present aspect of my life. The grace has come in my ability now to recognize and release it, through scripture mantras and prayer.  Acknowledging what I am feeling, asking the Lord for his strength to accept whatever circumstance has triggered the anxiety, and then remembering to breathe have transformed how (and how long) the panic attacks effect me.  I am also very aware that eliminating my beloved caffeine would be beneficial.  Did I ever mentioned I can be stubborn to a fault!

One of my favorite Scripture verses to repeat during an anxiety/panic attack is, “Daughter, your faith has made you well,” based on this powerful experience of the healing of the Hemorrhaging Woman when she touched the tassel of Jesus’ cloak:

Immediately Jesus, perceiving in Himself that the power proceeding from Him had gone forth, turned around in the crowd and said, “Who touched My garments?” 31 And His disciples said to Him, “You see the crowd pressing in on You, and You say, ‘Who touched Me?’” And He looked around to see the woman who had done this. But the woman fearing and trembling, aware of what had happened to her, came and fell down before Him and told Him the whole truth. And He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace and be healed of your affliction.”   ~ Mark 5: 30-34

Anxiety in Real Life – My Honest Disclosure

  • “The enemy’s abiding desire is to seek out our points of weakness and exploit them.”
  • Mine are: anxiety, fear of the future, over-concern for my health, and doubt 
  • Spiritual Combat is real … the devil is real.  We don’t need to be scared; but if we are not aware of our enemy and his tactics – he will prevail. 
  • Scripture is how we hear God’s voice and put on the armor of God!
  • Anxiety is real – and how it can overtake our life; even more real. BUT there is HOPE!

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