#WorthRevisit – The Stay Connected Book Series Roll Out
August 14, 2018
Allison Gingras

My Dream Come True …

Stay Connected Books

Stay Connected Journals for Catholic Women

Created by Allison Gingras (aka me) after nearly 10 years in Women’s Ministry including facilitating a weekly a Faith Sharing group I knew they were needed, and not yet provided.  A Short, Easy-to-complete, Bible Study for Women that keeps us connected to each other and most importantly to Jesus!! 

TheStay Connected book series helps Catholic women build a closer relationship with Jesus.  Each reads like a book but is considered a journal because of the addition of lots of space for jotting thoughts to the many insightful prayers, Scriptures, and questions. Each volume explores a different path to spiritual growth with short, easy-to-complete chapters—perfect for busy, on-the-go individuals or small faith-sharing groups!

This is the book series I developed and includes my first book The Gift of Invitation: 7 Ways Jesus Invites You into a Life of Grace .

There is a full book pdf sneak peek here:  http://bit.ly/2MPPWXt

Published through GraceWatch.Media home of Peanut Butter and Grace

Though at times it may feel like we go through intermittent spurts of growth and focus in our spiritual life, it is daily faithfulness that results in spiritual maturity. If you’re involved in bible studies, book clubs, or faith-sharing groups with friends or members of your parish, you have to consider what you are going to do regarding your walk with Christ between the studies. In this brilliant series, Allison Gingras invites you to a more profound encounter with Jesus in those moments when there seems to be a lull in the journey. That quiet time is a particularly good time to nourish your relationship with both the Lord and your sisters in Christ, which will undoubtedly energize you to scale the next peak. You will return to your scheduled studies rejuvenated and with more to share as a result of your faithfulness while “staying connected.” This series is a blessing to all women’s faith sharing groups! Just think, your faithfulness in the offseason may end up being the key to others spiritual growth when you get back in the game.
— Kelly Wahlquist, founder of WINE: Women In the New Evangelization, author of Created to Relate: God’s Design for Peace and Joy and editor of Walk In Her Sandals: Experiencing Christ’s Passion through the Eyes of Women and Gaze Upon Jesus: Experiencing Christ Childhood through the Eyes of Women.

Lisa Hendey and Friends …

Lisa Hendey and Friends

Each journal in the series addresses a different path to spiritual growth. Features include:

  • An exploration of the topic through each author’s personal stories, Scripture, the teaching of the Catholic Church, the wisdom of the saints, and prompts to personal prayer and reflection.
  • Plenty of space for journal writing, so that readers can make a personal response to Christ’s invitation to a life of grace…and so that members of small faith-sharing groups can come to meetings better prepared for a great discussion.
  • Seven short chapters (between 10 and 20 pages each).
  • Beautiful graphic design by Agape Studios.


Quote from Stay Connected Journal

So honored to have this new piece on CatholicLink.com:

4 Practical Ways to Stay Connected to Jesus

1. Build a Daily Practice of Prayer (even if it means praying in the bathroom)Prayer is simply a conversation with Jesus. Of course, formal times of prayer are spiritually beneficial, however, daily life can sometimes make them impossible. While a simple chat with Jesus can happen any time and any place.

Through these frequent exchanges we build a firm foundation of faith and strengthen our relationship with Christ. Just think of the relationship you would have if you only spoke with a friend at Christmas and Easter?

Ideas to Stay Connected in Prayer:

  • Pray when you first wake up or just before you fall asleep.
  • Pray in your car — as your drive to work or running errands pray for your neighbors,   the people in your community, and even the dead as you pass a cemetery.
  • Pray during chores, nothing makes folding laundry, washing dishes, or vacuuming more appealing than praying for the people who dirtied them in the first place.

Read the Remainder of the Article Here …  

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