As a mother, I make a lot of mistakes. In some ways, it is my mom superpower. While that may seem a negative assessment of one’s motherhood, I consider it a fair and accurate evaluation. This assessment keeps me humble, honest, and always trying to improve – but most of all, it makes me reliant on the grace of God!

I am definitely not a failure as a mother. Blessed with three children who mostly cooperate with what I ask, appreciate a majority of my advice, and participate (2 out of 3, anyway) in our Catholic faith without bribery. However, I see my admittance of a few (ok, many) parental weaknesses and mistakes along the way as a strength. For me to keep improving as a parent, it is good to admit a continual need to learn and grow in my vocation.

The truth is, I can say this about many aspects of my life, including my spiritual life. Over the many years of practicing my Catholic faith, I have made many mistakes. Practice, does not, as they say, always make perfect. I’ve had periods of excuse-making about why I was not attending Mass regularly, avoiding confession, or giving up on praying.


To become a better, more engaged parent, I have many educational resources. I can talk to more experienced moms about lessons they have learned in their journeys of motherhood. I can read on parenting techniques in magazines and books. I can hit cyberspace for advice, instruction, or just plain old fashioned camaraderie. Another highly effective, yet overlooked method of improving my mom skills, is through prayer. I can take my current motherhood concerns, questions, and fears to God — seeking His grace and wisdom.

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