A few weeks ago A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras (BreadboxMedia.com); I featured a new book by Colleen Mitchell Who Does He Say You Are: Women Transformed By Christ in the Gospels (Franciscan Media).  It is funny how things happen in Allison Land.  That week was originally planned as a vacation with encores of the show set to run; however, when I realized I had (once again) misread Faith’s school schedule – decided to do 3 live shows.  I knew God would give me a topic!!

Just after alerting the station – GAME ON! for this week; I noticed a new book cover in my Facebook feed.  What is this??  Scripture, Women, TRANSFORMATION… what?? CLICK!   What a delight to learn Colleen Mitchell, blogger on Blessed Are the Feet, had penned a new book.  I quickly sent her a message and poof – God’s Providence once again sends me EXACTLY what I need, when I need it!

The on-air book club portion of the week:

Finishing thoughts …

As is the case with most things in life, there is just never enough time to do and say all that is on one’s heart.  Sometimes during the show I will start a thought and squirrel; other times, I had so many notes I just wasn’t able to cover them all in the 48 minutes allotted for A Seeking Heart.    Hence this post show thoughts below:

Enthralled by so much of this book – I didn’t get much further than discussing contentment, hospitality, being called as a witness, praying boldly and not being ashamed.  For those thoughts, click to listen or download the podcasts above!  There was so much more that Colleen Mitchell’s book  inspired in my heart.

  • God designed us to HOUSE his glory!  wow right!  How do I treat God’s house? The temple he choices to dwell within -my body?  I can get so down on my appearance or self worth.  Envy looms deep within my heart; as I see so many with opportunities embraced and successes realized.  I worry about my health, my finances, my children; but fail to realize I AM not alone in these concerns.  God is ALWAYS with me, by my baptism – and especially when I receive the Eucharist — HE DWELLS within me!  Do I allow him to ‘overshadow’ me?  His will for me is perfect – my design is his.  Who I am.  My temperament, body shape, gifts/talents and even all my weaknesses – anxiety, doubt, envy, cupcakes … oh the list is long – is designed by him for my good.  As St Paul reminds us, those ‘thorns’ we’d like him to eradicate are the very things that keep us close to God; seeking HIS grace which is truly sufficient. YET, I fight it all!  My human nature is probably my greatest weakness of all. Can I offer myself in FULL SURRENDER with as great a confidence as Mary did?
  • Humble Obedience.  Once revealed in prayer almost 10 years ago.  Continues to surface in my reading and prayer. Surrender, the kind that transforms a life, needs to be rooted in HUMBLE OBEDIENCE.  To God, his holy will, and the trust that he is good and wills only what is GOOD. Ultimately that desire is for me to be with him forever in heaven…thorns and all.
  • Blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her by the Lord. (Luke 1:45)
  • Embarrassingly I must admit to my battle against wearying of the fulfillment of God’s promises.  I sit in adoration or prayer; and I am inspired with these incredible evangelization ideas.  I rush to implement them; and nothing.  Or I procrastinate – another thorn – and pray for help (an outpouring of grace) to follow through; and nothing.  I see glimpses of what can be; and I strive always to be connected to God in prayer, sacrament and scripture – believing that this empowers me to fulfill what the Spirit has put on my heart but… still I grow weary.  Have I misunderstood?  Has God forgotten his promise?  HAVE I done something to offend and LOSE the promise?  No… “God is gracious and keeps his promises and blessed is she who believed every word.”  #GodsTimingISnotMyTiming

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My interview with author, Colleen Mitchell

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