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Abundant Grace for Living Holy

Lent is such an amazing time – it truly is a time of special and abundant grace. When I prayed about what I should focus on this Lent a few years ago – FORGIVENESS – kept emerging. At first, it made very little sense to me, as I feel I’m pretty solid with this subject. I mean, come on, I give retreats on forgiveness for heavens sake! I bare my soul over and over, sharing how I have needed to forgive and howI have needed to be forgiven. In addition I believe in God’s mercy and love, and fully accept and cherish His gift of forgiveness.
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40 Days of Learning to Forgive

Forgiveness needs to extended because Christ first offered it to us. I especially love how it is given so beautifully in Reconciliation (big, big fan!). So what more could there be? God gave me two CLEAR answers.
  • It is a lifetime process
  • Forgiveness is something to be lived out every single day of our lives.
  • It isn’t always about you! That I get that particular message a LOT actually!
  • Forgiveness is an Act of the Will it is NOT a feeling!

A few years ago I spent my Lent digging deeper intothe Catholic ideas and ideals of forgiveness. I shared my personal experiences (some painful, some hysterical), many of the profound, and always right to the heart. In addition, I provided Scripture verses that have truly transformed my journey of forgiving, that I prayed would  help others as well. 

Lastly,  I pondered the peace inducing insights and inspirations of my favorite book on forgiveness: 

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2018 Lenten Forgiveness Retreat

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Worth the Revisit