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Discussions on the very real battle between believing in what you hope for; and the doubt in what is not seen! #Faith

Inspired by Sonja Corbitt’s book: FEARLESS: A Catholic Women’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare (Ave Maria Press)

  • “The enemy’s abiding desire is to seek out our points of weakness and exploit them.”  ~ Sonja Corbitt
  • Mine are: anxiety, fear of the future, over-concern for my health, and doubt
  • Spiritual Combat is real … the devil is real.  We don’t need to be scared; but if we are not aware of our enemy and his tactics – he will prevail.
  • Scripture is a POWERFUL tool – it is how we hear God’s voice and put on the armor of God!
  • Anxiety is real – and how it can overtake our life; even more real. BUT there is HOPE!  Anxiety is a battle over the future, to which we have no control. That is why faith is such a powerful remedy because it takes the unknown from our hands and places it in the ONE who not only knows what is to come but also wants only what is the very best for us!

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Overcoming Fear and Anxiety – Part II

  • More on recognizing the enemy – especially how he manifests in our own life
  • Just as we revisit pictures to refresh our memory of the faces of those we love;  we must revisit scripture often to keep it crystal clear in our minds.
  • Angels of God – a fabulous book and riveting interview with Mike Aguilina
  • Reflecting on Scripture – word by word:  Sonja offers an amazing way to engage with the word of God that I guarantee with transform your prayer and reflection time with the Bible!!

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What fears and anxieties knot you up??